Oil Subsidy: 20 Governors Snub Jonathan


Yesterday, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan called on the 36 State governors in Nigeria for a meeting in Abuja, the federal capital of Nigeria to discuss details of the impending strike by the national leader unions. As 247ureports.com gathered, the meeting was not attended by the entirety of the invited governors. The meeting was held yesterday at 9pm.

Available information indicate that a majority of the state governors are uneasy over the manner the President increased the price of fuel by over 100% in one scoop. Some within the governors consider the oil subsidy removal by Jonathan as a Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] affair and not a Nigerian affair – while others consider the removal as simply a bad policy against the people of Nigeria. Some of the PDP governors who are anti subsidy have gone ahead to blame the president for the complete removal, they said they would have preferred staggered removal.

The Governors of Lagos State, Nassarawa and 18 others snubbed the President’s invite. Sources close to the presidency briefed 247ureports.com that the President and his men were not in the best of moods following the disappointing turnout by the governors. The President’s men had hoped on utilitizing the Governors to enforce a crack down of the labor unions against the impending strike scheduled to start on Monday January 9, 2012.

Adding muster to an already degenerating situation is the troubles within the President’s cabinet via the offices of some of the Ministers who do not agree with the increase in fuel prices. Some of them have become latently involved in the external protests against the fuel price increase. The sudden summoning of the lower chamber of the National Assembly by the leadership for an emergency session on Sunday January 8, 2012 by 3pm is reported to have the presidency sleeping uneasy. The Secretary to the Federal Government, Pius Anyim is reported to have been despatched to “reachout” to the leadership of the lower chamber to avert what the presidency fears may become an embarrassing situation for the President.

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  1. Irresponsible journalism. I am a journalist. I was at the meeting and on the contrary over 20 governors and several deputies were in attendance. The only absence that could be felt is Mimiko.
    It makes this report on governor’s with GEJ a false report. Too bad

  2. The address given to Nigerians lacks substance. It’s a shame to expect nigerians to now expect that their so called leaders will only travel to overseas for a purposeful reasons. Dr. Goodluck is not even convince what he has said is practicable. He may think he was addressing fools. Should the president mean what he told us. He would have named the important reasons he will deem important enough for the people of Nigeria to know them. His administration has just demonstrated that he is a jerk and his administration is worst than any bad one that has preceded his. It’s a pity that Nigeria and its citizens only continue to hope for a MESSIAH!. Dr Goodluck, when WILL OUR LAMENTATION END SIR?. REMENBER YOUR ACCEPTANCE ADDRESS?. Stop lying, what you need to do is to just pull up your sleeves and go to work Dr. President Jonathan Goodluck.

  3. Alkali is a brown evelop Journalist who has already received his brown evelop from Jonathan. Whatever he says here about bad journalism is simply what he has been paid to do. President Jonathan is irrespobsible and cannot handle the affairs of this nation. Bakauye ya sami zaman barni, sabada haka bari ya taka sauran kauyawa. Jonathan is bad luck for Nigeria and we must all accept this. All well-meaning Nigerians inbcluding his Godfather, Olusegun Obasanjo, Yakubu Gowon, T.Y Danjuma, IBB and a host of others advised him not to embark on this misadenture and he told them his mind was aready made up. Badluck Jonathan believes that Ngozi Iweal and Deseni Allison are the only brains in Nigeria and playinbg to their gallary. Well, I hope Nigerians will learn from the examples of the Middle East and North Africa! It it timne now for Nigerians to tell these hooligans and thugs who parade themselves as our leaders to go back to their villages and leave us alone. Since Joanthan became president, he has been heating up the polity, creating one crises or the other in order to steal fron the security vote. The Defense Budget is the highest in the history of Nigeria even in peace time! God help us all


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