BreakingNews: NLC/TUC Calls Off Strike


The leadership of the organized labour has suspended the mass protest and strike today at 1:15pm. The announcement was made following an appeal by the federal government to call of the strike and the mass protest.

The leaders initially ended the mass protests based on the concern stemming from security reports purportedly received on the night of January 15, 2012 by the presidency over the continued mass protests.

The president of Natonal Labor Congress [NLC] made the initial announcement in the morning of Monday January 16, 2012 called of the mass protest based on what he claimed was indications of national threat. He made the announcement noting that the strike continues because labor has not agreed to the N97 per liter price tag pegged by the President. Omar indicated that the president did not consult with the organized labor over the price tag. He maintained that for this reason, the strike continues. He further indicated that organized labor will continue its consultations with the federal government.

Less than six hours following his call to end the mass protests, the president of NLC made another announcement that the Strike is being suspended – without a mention of whether the Presidency has agreed to the demand of the people to revert to N65 per liter.

Reacting, the people feel the NLC/TUC betrayed the people of Nigeria.

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  1. Thank God the strike in my country has been called off. I am pleading with the officials of the government to keep to their promise.
    I pray almighty jah to grant them wisdom and the spirit of leadership to lead according to the will of God.

  2. Nigerians shd not blame labour leaders infact they shd b commended. If d FG like let them listen to d voice of reason d future belongs to d pple. Long live Nigeria.

  3. Τ̅☺ hell with da NLC,TUC and other human rights parastatals. U̶̲̥̅̊ ve betrayed our trust in you against the fuel subsidy removal protest which we all agreed τ̅☺ during the protest that it wud be reverted back τ̅☺ N65 per litre… U̶̲̥̅̊ ve rily proven τ̅☺ us that you cannot fight for us at the negotiation table of the president or av U̶̲̥̅̊ bin bribed? After several lifes have bin lost on this issue, U̶̲̥̅̊ stil cannot go bck to the original price? U̶̲̥̅̊ re a big disgrace τ̅☺ all nigerians as a whole nd it shud be a slap on ur face…mschewwww!!!

  4. Labour unions dissapointed and betrayed ordinary Nigerians.They’ve bought over. How can we be delivered from these slave masters, callous govt

  5. NLC means ‘No Longer Credible’
    TUC means ‘Trading Union Credibility’

    Esele and Omar are the big traitors in our recent times. In some few months or weeks from now, NLC/TUC will be clamoring for an increase in Minimum wage from 18K to something 32k or more. Do they think Nigerian people will support them on this course? Definitely, NOT I and do not know about you


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