Nigeria’s Attorney General, Bello Adoke’s Mansions In London, Dubai Uncovered


A week after controversial Nigerian Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bello Adoke assured that the Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim has been mandated to investigate his bank accounts and make his findings public, mum seems to be the outcome of the police probe.Even as they have failed to make public their findings, further investigations by have revealed that the embattled minister is not only tucking some stupendous wealth in Nigerian bank accounts and bluechip companies, he has locked up mansions wasting away in highbrow areas of London, United Kingdom and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Not pleased with our initial reports on his hidden wealth, Mr Adoke has also sent security agents after our correspondents in the nation’s capital, Abuja. In the last one week, state agents have moved round hotels and media gatherings in Abuja trying to source for information about journalists working for They have also continued to harass our office in the United States with threat messages and calls.

Undeterred, our team was able to dig out more information about the unbelievable wealth of a serving Nigerian public official. Our findings have revealed that Mr Adoke has a locked up luxury apartment worth over 2 million Great Britain Pounds at Pinnacle House, in highbrow Colindale area of London(NW9 5FY). He owns Apartment number 42 in the luxury mansion which picture is shown above.

To satisfy his insatiable thirst for luxury, Mr Adoke also moved over to the United Arab Emirates where he bought yet another luxury apartment worth over $5 million USD in the prestigious Princess Tower, located in Dubai Marina along Al Sufoul Road, Dubai. This like the one in London, he also locked up. is also on the trail of another mansion in London which was said to have been bought by Adoke for the just retired former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Aloysius Katsina-Alu. In fact, information has it that the former CJN presently lives in the house in London. Kaksina-Alu was the one who nominated Adoke as President Goodluck Jonathan’s Justice Minister.

A source close to security agents in UK and US also told recently that law enforcement agencies in the two jurisdictions are also on the trail of Mr Adoke’s assets scattered across the world.

In our earlier postings, we had reported that “Weeks of underground investigations by have however revealed more shocking details about Adoke’s secret bank accounts in the nation’s federal capital territory, Abuja. One of such is an account number 002228052782 at a branch of First City Monument Bank located at Plot 252 Herbert Macaulay Way, Central Area Abuja. In the account is a stunning sum of $16 million US dollars.

Further investigations revealed that Adoke is keeping yet another $24 million US dollars in account number 041152000428 with Diamond Bank located at Plot 117 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Wuse 2 while another 5.3 million Great Britain Pounds is also kept in the same account with Diamond Bank.

As if that was not enough, also revealed that Nigeria’s Justice Minister operates another secret account with the Ahmadu Bello Way branch of Zenith Bank, Abuja where a whooping sum of N6.2 billion is being kept.”

We had also reported that “A rundown of the documents made available to indicate that Adoke is a major investor in Oando Oil which has taken over N228 billion out of the N1.4trillion shared by about 100 oil marketers between January and August, 2011. The Minister has about N1.5 billion investment tucked in Oando Oil PLC. Apart from Oando, available documents also show that Adoke is equally a major investor in Eterna Oil which has within the same period benefitted about N5.57 billion from the fuel subsidy cake. He is said to have about N1 billion investment in the company, with another N2 billion tucked in a company called Novasys Ltd.

It has also been discovered that the Minister has his hands and hidden investments in major banks in the country. Some of them include about N400 million in Oceanic Bank; aboutN200 million in UAC properties; about N20 million in Guaranty Trust Bank; about N360 million in Access Bank; about $400,000 US dollars in MTN; about N1 billion in Japaul Oil& Maritime; about N15 million in Bank PHB; about N100million in First Bank; about N20 million in FCMB and aboutN6 million in Unity Bank PLC among others.”




  1. You do well to publish this, but can you also tell us how he acquired them and the source of all these investments and properties? Tell us how the whole budget of Ministy of justice is always diverted for the Minister’s personal use and mode operandis because you claims seem bogus and unrealistic.

  2. With 80% of the citizens of this country living with pooverty so this our so call leader are busy embezling our money, only God will judge them that for sure.

  3. I am highly disappointed to read this kind of unprofessional report in 247Ureports. This is yet another senseless dish of unfounded lies from Ireports! Reproducing these fabricated stories by anonymous writers do your image no good. The report gave no evidence of Adoke’s ownership of the said properties and he was not given any opportunity to defend himself. This is not journalism but quackery of the highest iorder.

  4. @ Wisdom
    How can you be so blind? Do think a common lay man in nigeria is not corrupt talkless of a whole nigeria’s attorney general. Shine your eyes my friend!!!

  5. I am highly disappointed to read this kind of unprofessional report in 247Ureports. This is yet another senseless dish of unfounded lies from Ireports! Reproducing these fabricated stories by anonymous writers do your image no good. The report gave no evidence of Adoke’s ownership of the said properties and he was not given any opportunity to defend himself. This is not journalism but quackery of the highest order.

  6. These report is mere hogwash! The claims are ridiculous, just like the one about bank accounts – the accounts are non-existent, the numbers being more than the normal account numbers in Nigeria. Ikenna, you are too educated to fall for this cheap blackmail, not to talk of reproducing this kind of trash on 247Ureports.

  7. Wisdom E, you’re wrong – they didn’t do well to publish this because this is a worthless story aimed at tarnishing Mr. Adoke’s image. It has no substance whatsoever. Do not expect them to also tell us how he allegedly acquired these investments and properties because they don’t have any such information and, so, cannot provide what they don’t have.

  8. let the minister deny if he has not this investments especially in the oil industries and if he knows nothing about the inflation of imported oil figures?

  9. this has nothing to do with budget, if true can be respossible for why cases of corruption never see the light of day. he collects bribe and delay or throw away cases. God will expose evry corrupt official.

  10. What a damn shame! This idiot has all this ill-gotten money in the banks and homes overseas when majority of his fellow citizens live on less than $2.00/day and cannot afford decent housings. These kinds of revelations deserve criminal investigations, but, as we all know, this is Nigeria, the corrupt capital of the world.

  11. If these allegations are true, and I’m they are, this is just a single person. Imagine what the rest of the rulers (not leaders anymore) are taking.

  12. Nonsense, these agents of western governments claiming to be journalists, being used to trail Nigerian officials who dare the corrupt West in the face. Are they not corrupt in the West? What about their escapades in Africa? Because Andoakaa exposed Al Gore of the US, he was brought down by the ignoramous press. Because Farida Wasiri charged Al Gore, she was booted out by the paid journalists and activists. Now, the Aviation minister who fought BA and Virging airlines for their corruption, will also be brought down very soon. These were the things their wayward Ribadu could not do. What is in this report? Where are the details of when those properties were purchased? Have you guys investigated Ribadu’s mansion in Dubai? Did you guys investigate the British man who illegally brought 80,000 AK 47 rifles and 32million rounds of ammunition to Nigeria?

    • CSO I can see that you are one of those stupid official who do come to London and started misbehaving like small pikin when in the mist of girls, we know where you guys do go including your Pakistian and India agents in London. The officials here are after you guys. Oyinara ole. If the west are tieving us must you do it? bastard. Nigerians are more or less slaves here in london where majority of them can hardly pay for their house rent

  13. Am very good at listening to rumour but this one is more of a blackmail that didn’t worth publishing just like your Obj vs Boko Haram story. Ur web didn’t worth visiting so i quit and all peace loving Nigerians to ignour this site.

  14. This is how god will review all their secrets, and god shall put them all in hell as they chose to steal our money. They are the problems of this country even the so called president, they are all thief.

  15. Bola and Co, there’s nothing for the Honourable Minister to reply to because this story lacks substance to the extent that any reasonable person can see that these are concocted lies. No one is quoted and no documents are published to support the claims made by the faceless writer. If Ireport (from which 247ureports dubbed this story) had any facts, it would have approached Mr. Adoke for comments before publivation – as demanded by journalism ethics.


    • A “common Ibira” is a bad language, whatever anybody want to attribute to Ibira you easly find it with any other tribe in Nigeria. We must grow beyond tribe and religion in Africa. We have Ole among Hausa , Ibo , Yoruba , tiv name it.

  17. Imaging such amount 4 just one person, that person should hang 2 death. If i may ask d minister, if this kind of case brought to him how will him judge it. Big thief, BIRO ROBBERs, all is blood his full off corruption & he ask to be prosecuted & we are shouting of fuel subsidy so this are the people stealing our money. This people steal more than high way robbers Nigerians must do some thing about this thief.

  18. You are fast gaining a reputation for embellished RUMUORS, it’s not by fore you must publish everyday, if you have nothing to say, don’t say

  19. This is nice but can you please forward this information to the relevant agencies to prove your point. I have personally visited the house in NW9 5FY in london I can not but weep for Nigerians in London where majority of this guy are staying in a single room of about 300 – 350 pound per month and here is a mansion wasteing though he will not be the only one they are many and I think is time for Nigerians in UK to protest this insult on us

  20. Please it seems something is wrong with information given above, the post code NW9 5FY, belongs to London Borough of Barnet and has the above building picture, where did got their address of pinnacle house

  21. At least his money is in a Nigeria and helping our economy in one way or the other and can easily be reached if we are sure that he stole them and they are illegit. The one that annoys me are the ones that are stolen and banked abroad.

  22. At least his money is in Nigeria and helping our economy in one way or the other and can easily be reached if we are sure that he stole them and they are illegit. The one that annoys me are the ones that are stolen and banked abroad

  23. For those who don’t believe then keep roasting, for those who believe pls. we need a change!!! May God Almighty help this country Nigeria.


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