Kano NLC Chairman Comrade Danguguwa Escapes Abduction


By Citizen Reporter, Kano State

Kano NLC Chairman Comrade Isah Yunusa Danguguwa was today nearly abducted by persons suspected to be State Security Operatives. But for the alertness of other activists, Comrade Danguguwa would be out of circulation by now. The security operatives tried to bundle Danguguwa into a van, pretending to be part of his team during today’s rally. But some vigilant supporters suspects the nefarious intention of the unidentified men and quickly intervened by threatening to “deal” with them if they did not desist from their attempt to “abduct” the couragious Labor leader.

This came after the early morning attempt of some men to broke into the house of Comrade Auwalu Mudi, the Secretary-General of Kano NLC. Some suspected men have been trying to locate Kano Labour leader’s homes since Kwankwaso panicked and deviced desperate ways on how to stem his fast eroding political profile. Comrade Auwalu understood this and therefore alerted his neighbours not to entertain any query from any stranger on his residential address or his whereabouts. Some unidentified men in the early hours of yesterday, around 1:20am came asking the location of Comrade Mudi’s house. His neighbours suspects a foul play and refused opening up to the strange men.

Kano State Governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has been desperately trying to salvage his dying political career since his government foolishly declared its backing of the widely condemned fuel subsidy removal. His desperation came to fore when he attempted to kill the story and unfortunately for him and his administration, Daily Trust, a national daily in its January 4th edition went ahead and published the story titled, “Kano Govt backs FG on fuel subsidy removal.” Sensing the terrible backlash that may follow, Kwankwaso hired thugs to go and raze the newspaper house. The plan went sour and one of the thug was arrested and has been arraigned before a Kano Magisterate Court. Not done yet, agents of the state bought off the whole issue of Daily Trust at N200 per each copy, all in a desperate move to bury the story.

This blunder and the attendant loss of lives of some defenceless demonstrators put Kwankwaso and his administrationa at a perilous state, exposing his lies, pretensions and cowardice. Labor leaders and some Civil Society Organisationa have been deeply disturbed by the level of irrational decisions embarked by Kwankwaso and his administration. In fact, some evidences have been compiled and there is the idea of inviting some prosecutors from the International Criminal Court (ICC) Hague, in concert with Human Rights Watch (HRW) for possible prosecution of Kwankwaso for ordering the killings of defenceless protesters while exercising their constititional rights. Already a student body had dragged Kwankwaso to a Kano High Court, claiming N500 million as compensation for the killing of one student and damaging their properties and injuring some while setting a camp at “Liberation Square” on Wednesday January 4th, demanding for the reversal of FG announced fuel subsidy removal.



  1. Thank God d Labour leader had Escaped, But Y Must U accused Gov. Kwankwaso?? I Guess U Must hav been Sponsored 2 do that!!! 2 use Words like “Foolish” and “Panicked” for an £lected Governor is Immoral and lacks Professionalism and some of Ur analysis are even False and an Outright Lie, designed Purposely inorder 2 deminish a Persons Reputition..!!

    • What has he said that’s not right?, do his excellency know how to be selective each time he is to make any comment in an issue?…may be what goes around is trying to comes around…we have respect for you but don’t try to be a political barking dog please.

  2. This is an unbalanced report. I don’t think His Excellency Governor Kwankwaso will order the arrest of an elected leader. In my own opinion the labour leaders in Kano are at fault, because the strike action was called by the national body of NLC. Since it called it off, why is Kano NLC defiant? Is Danguguwa not loyal to the national body? Is Kano state government responsible for the subsidy removal?
    Please let this reporter answer these questions.

  3. The writter of this story must hav been an enemy of Kwankwaso,now wat concern Kwankwaso wit d abduction of NLC Leaders,Who told u Governor order the killing of innocent lives ? Who also told u Kwankwaso is receiving pressure for backing Subsidy removal ?Are u ppl from Kano or u are situating within Kano metropolitan ?come Kano and see the realities Not propaganda.LIars I repeated Bunch of Liars + Enemies.God is wit Him(Innocent Governor)


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