Boko Haram: Six Major Explosions Rocks Kano, Police Officers Killed

Zone 1 - Kano State

Multiple bomb blasts greeted the city of Kano on the calm evening of Friday January 20, 2012 at about 7:30pm.The blasts targeted State and National Security apparatus in Kano State.

The Zonal Police Headquarter of Zone 1 located along Bayero University Road exprienced the first bomb which was, according to sources, a suicide bomber who drove a fairly new vehicle believed to be a Toyota car into the complex. The vehicle was loaded with high grade explosives which detonated as the vehicle crashed into the complex. The explosion was reported to be massive. The Zone 1 police station got fire and was burnt completely as a result. The AIG’s office is housed inside the said police station.

Exactly one hour following the first explosion, another police station located at “farm center” was rocked by a bomb – causing the police officers to panic into shooting their AK47 sporadically into the air – in attempts to ward off – attackers. Minutes later, another police station located along Bompai road near sabon gari was bombed – simultaneously, the residence of the AIG was bombed.

Amidst the ruckus, the police officers at the other remaining police stations was reported to begin shooting sporadically in the air. And the pedestrians and motorist were said to be in total confusion – as the traffic laws were not obeyed. Vehicular movement along Hadeja road became erratic and non-directional.

Moments later, the office of the immigration and naturalization was bombed. A failed attempt at bombing the office of the State Security Services [SSS] resulted in the death of the would-be bomber. The SSS officers were said to have reacted to gun down the would-be bomber or attacker.

Information available to indicate that scores of casualties were incurred in the broad attack. Some of the victims were carried to the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital [AKTH] located along Court road in Hawusaya, Kano. Many of the victims delivered to AKTH were those that sustained gunshot wounds. It was gathered that a good number of the gunshot wound were sustained as the police officers shot their AK47s into the air in panic.

The bombing comes a few days after the call to end the NLC/TUC lead strike/mass protests nationwide. The Kano State Chapter of the NLC along with other non governmental organizations, following the call to halt the strike, defied the call and continued with the strike action. The Kano State NLC led strike was called off two days ago.

The Islamic militant group, Boko Haram, as gathered, has claimed responsibility for the attack. The group is said to have circulated leaflets throughout Kano claiming responsibility.

The Police Public Relations Officer [PPRO], Malam Magaji was not injured in the attack. It is not certain the whereabouts of AIG. Channels Television reporter Enenche Akogwu was reported killed at one of the police stations.



  1. I am so amiazed by the bombing and shooting of innocent nigerians by boko haram it is true that we are one nigeria but do we still have common goal why have you people choose to sacrifice the peace of nigeria and the labour of our heros in the alter of islam, then where is the peace you people preach about in your religion

    • I want pple 2 knw dat dis so called boko haram ar nt real muslims, coz a muslim dat knw 1day he wil stand in front of Allah 4 judgement wil neva kill pple jst lyk dat. A lady entred hell fire coz she refuse 2 giv her cat food until d cat died, wat abt killin human being

  2. Wat pains me most is dat dey are attacking innocent citizens. I implore dem to go for these useless politicians, so called our leaders, eg GEJ, etc.

    • We could all express our gnieviarces and hurts in better ways and yet drive home our points. I see a public forum such as this as a place for us to learn to contribute meaningfully and respond appropriately to issues rather than a place to vent hatred, a tool for the weak, and asassinate characters. Our time will come!

  3. Dose it means that Nigeria police and our goverment can not do any thing to trease all there people that are causing all these calamity.Mr presedent you better do something before it is too late.

  4. What kind of Man is this current Nigeria president even a blind can see that this man has no spine to fight this kind of wanton destruction of lives and properties in Nigeria.
    In the face of all these what right thinking investor will come to Nigeria.
    Even Nigerians that live and work outside of Nigeria that are now retired, they are too scared to come home.
    If Jonathan is not up to this job he better step aside and let somebody else do it.
    This is not a matter of North/South/West everyone can now clearly see it.
    When he declared openly that his government has been infiltrated by Boko Haram I knew then that this president had no clue how to deal with the present situation.
    He should stop taking advice from Ngozi Iwela and co.
    This man has no clue what to do he just want to blame his weakness to govern on Boko haram, you can see the fear in this president. Obasanjo, look what you have done to Nigeria as a whole, this is Nigeria you Obasanjo worked so hard to save, whatever happened to you, you became so selfish though you saw the danger in putting this man in the office though Buhari won the election.
    For the feature of Nigeria without minding what part of Nigria you come from everyone can now clearly see that Jonathan is not up to job.


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