Somali Trained Nigerian Sucide Bombers Arrive Nigeria, Kabiru Sokoto In Niger Republic


Information recently made available to from source within the ranks of the terrorist Islamic group, the Boko Haram indicates not all is well with the federal governmentof Nigeria and it’s call to dialogue. The Islamic group has began preparations for another grand attack. Intelligence reports confirmed by Boko Haram source point the next attack at one of the northern states near the Bauchi tri state area.

Bauchi State was supposed to have been “destroyed” immediately following the black friday attack on Kano State. Personalities within the State government of Bauchi State calmed tensions. They approached the terrorist and suggested dialogue – of which – the source admitted that they stopped and dispatched their men to Kano to assist complete some “remaining assignment”.  It is not certain the extent the Bauchi State government reached to have placated the Boko Haram. What is certain is the group’s determination to ‘destroy’ Bauchi State once the operation in Kano State has been completed.

Adding the international linkage to Somalia, [the second home of the Al Qaeda king pin, Osama Bin Laden] is the ungaurded threat that “we are 38 here, 109 more of us are coming from Somali ready for sucide missions. We want to destroy Nigeria, not separate Nigeria. Our men are already in Onitsha, in Lagos and Port Harcourt”. Adding also that “the River Niger Bridge can be ‘done with'”.

This development, the State Security Service [SSS] in Awka confirms.  They have received intelligence pointing to Boko Haram activity near the River Niger Bridge. The SSS deputy director said the agents are monitoring the situation.

Meanwhile, the escaped mastermind of the Christmas Day bombing at Madalla, Suleja, Niger State, according to the source, has moved to Niger Republic to a town near Diffa – where he is well protected. Presently engaged in the planing of more sucide attacks against the police, prominent politicians and religious clerics [both christians and moslems] of Nigeria.

On the police escape, he said “the Abuja Police” did not let Kabiru Umar Sokoto go.  It was through the help of “our youths”. They overpowered the police and secured his freedom. “He” exited through the “kind assistance” of some officials in Gigawa and Katsina State.

In a related development, intermidiaries have begun attempts at possible dialogue. It is gathered both sides have made contact. But “we don’t trust them”, states the source. He claims the President of Nigeria does not respect them. And promises “he will soon see.”


  1. God is d maker of Heaven n earth no person or group of persons av d right 2 determine who lives or dies,like ur brothers in d past’maitatsine’ that faded away so also shal u boko haram fade away God’s judgement is on all of u,DIVINE intervention wil put an end 2 all ur boastings,few days frm now ur major sponsor n backbone wil die n u wil all destroy ur selvs,u sons of Satan,children of Hell.

  2. Well, for me, if the source of this story is one we should go by, then there is serious imminent threat to lives and property. Boko Haram…..ur plans sha not see day light…… corrupt leaders of Nigeria who all know the origin and possible end to the hydra-headed sect, God will only keep quiet and watch for just a while……..and if you guys dont do anything to stope the menace……ur time and that of ur family and freinds here on earth is short lived. God will visit judgement on you. We pray that God will avert all the plans of the evil one IJN Amen!!!!!!!

  3. They were just saying nonsense. No negotiation with the bastards. Their intention is to create fear and confusion. Law abiding nigerians stand and never fear. Soon, they shall be destroyed.

  4. Dnt our government read news?GOD should come and intervene.we have a cripping and lame government.bokoharam are heartless people.may God come and destroy them for us

  5. Why are we afraid of human being if fedral government can act as former president ie obasanjo by declear state of immagency in all the arear afected by boko haram by now every thing would have solve now president jonathan is afraid of big man of north why does he be a commander in cheif of army force of nigeria he must act fast before is too late

  6. Every evil power responsible for all Boko Haram(terrorist) activities in Nigeria, be judged by the blood of Jesus Christ; be exposed and destroyed by fire and thunder from the THRONE OF THE MOST HIGH GOD in JESUS NAME…..There is a God who rules and reigns in the affairs of Men.

  7. If the nigerian govt wishes 2 do anything about the Boko Haram, the whole problem wud have been solved. hw can a group of hodlums be greater than a country? thus, we are not oblivious of the facts that there are people behind all these horrifying and breath -taking activities of the sect which the govt is aware of. so, they shud stop deceiving us claiming that they are on top of the situation when they are actually not doing anything.

  8. There is a God in heaven who reveal secret. May God reveal d secret of boko haram in Nigeria and destroy in Jesus name. Amen.

  9. haa! My brothers of southern origin,all you need now is to begin your plan whether you prefer to live in the southern Nigeria or Northern Nigeria. The dial is cast all ready,they will stop at nothing o divide rhe country,but I pity the northern moslem who sympatize them,the fight now is a primary fight,they have not started the secoundary fight. By he time the achieve northern islamic sharia,their denand further,that girl child education is unislamic. And then kidnapping of girl child will commence. the north is simply trapped but unfortunately the think they are dealinng with GEJ. They have succeeded in destroying kano,the only commercial city in the north,and have ask the people to persever,and I say goodluck to them in there perseverance,

  10. Boko haram members are mere mortals, but GOD is the MOST HIGH, he will never allow their plans to come to pass, all their evil plans on the christians will go back to them… He that dig a put shall fall into it in JESUS NAME, (AMEN).

  11. It is unfortunate that Nigeria of our days has destroyed the labour of our heroes and the perpetrators shall live to pay dearly.

  12. we can opt to divid the country Nigeria just like what happend in Sudan last year,but will that stop terrorism? I think the time of anti Christ has come and the end time when we shall hear rumours of war and tribulations.Let those who love killing human beings and causing terror know that everything that has beginning also has an end. Their end time is at hand and God will arrest them.I sympathize with their souls.

  13. Boko Haram enough is enough, we were born like you and grew up in the same settings you are not better than any one of us, so we shall be waiting for you now if you like go and bring back Osama, you are dead with him.

  14. Scene: car driving fast & hard towards a wall…gun shot…screeching….car stops before collision…driver = shot dead, no other casualties…1, 2, 3, 4 ….38..up till…109 drivers

    That’s your story! Come hurry and play scenes 1 to 109. Who’s scared? The faceless cowards or citizens that chose to live lives and make it better for the next generation?

  15. i don’t understand the meaning of all these activities of you’s(Boko Haram) because is not Islam at all,just to kill!ONLY GOD HAS THE CONTROL OVER LIFE AND DEATHplease shield your sword

  16. Nigeria shld plead 2 America and oda super powers 2 help us in fighting this menace called Boko Haram and also pray 4 divine intervention.

  17. Please stop the ‘hearsay’ kind of journalism, in order not to dis-stabilize the country. You can do more than this. Tell stories that are real not Junks and fabricated


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