Jonathan Calls For African Consensus On Political Stability

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan said Saturday in Abuja that to further enhance peace, political stability and progress on the continent, African leaders must adopt a consensus on certain issues and work collectively to achieve the developmental objectives of the African Union.
Speaking during talks with President Jacob Zuma of South Africa who is on a visit to Nigeria, President Jonathan said that greater effort must also be made to ensure that decisions taken by African Heads of State and Government under the   auspices of the African Union, are faithfully implemented.
“African leaders must agree on a common position on certain issues and speak with one voice. It is not enough for the African Union to just take a position on issues, action must also follow in support of our position,” President Jonathan said as both leaders reviewed events in Africa ahead of the next African Union Summit.  
The two leaders discussed recent developments in Libya, Cote D’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo and other parts of Africa.
They agreed that the African Union Summit should address these developments and take further action to facilitate peace and political stability in Africa.
Also Saturday in Abuja, President Jonathan received the outgoing Pakistani High Commissioner to Nigeria, Major-General Asif Duraiz Akhtar.
President Jonathan thanked General Akhtar for his efforts to strengthen bilateral relations between Nigeria and Pakistan.
The President told the High Commissioner, who was accompanied by his wife, that after completing a successful tenure in the country,  he could now consider himself an honorary Nigerian Ambassador to the world.


  1. To get political stability in Africa, Nigeria as mother of Africa need to be stable first. As a matter of fact, just a wish on fuel subsidy removal from the actor has already destabilised the whole nation whose central nervous system has already been affected seriously by the likes. Pls let put Nigeria first , our neighbours then Africa. With these the world will say yes!


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