Benue State: Appreciating The Strides Of The State Government

Benue Water Plant: Unit Ops

The State Government of Benue State appears on path to rebuild the infrastructure of the State in a manner that has not been witnessed in its history.’s recent visit to Markudi, the state capital showed the government’s effort in revamping the healthcare delivery systems has come to yeild results. The results of the effort is shown below at one of the General Hospitals in Markudi is shown below.

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The Benue State government had also embarked on the construction of a water treatment and supply plant to deliver water to the entire residence of the State. The plant is presently under construction. See below.

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  1. nonsence,u r a sell out,,there is notin happening in benue,,what hospital,,the water treatment plant has bn under construction since the inception of his fraudulent administration,,the plant was used to siphone billions,,SUSWINE IS A FRAUD


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