Trouble In Sokoto: Jonathan To Bar Sokoto Governor From PDP Primaries


Information available to through credible sources in Wadata Plaza in Abuja indicate that the upcoming gubernatorial primaries in Sokoto State may exhibit the same crisis witnessed in the Bayelsa State Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] primaries held November 19, 2011. This is new information points to ongoing agitation to bar the seating governor from contesting in the upcoming gubernatorial exercise in Sokoto.

According to documented evidence in the possession of, the governor of Sokoto State, Gov Aliyu Wamako is charged with anti-party activities within Sokoto State and in Zamfara State. He is said to be in a clandentine opposition to the Goodluck Jonathan administration. A source near sokoto legislature noted that the Governor failed to deliver Sokoto State to the win column for Goodluck Jonathan in the 2011 presidential election. The presidency is saiid to have taken note of the activities of the Sokoto State governor.

To this effect, the National PDP has instructed the State PDP in Sokoto to initiate the process of barring the governor against the upcoming elections. The State Executive, in turn, has raised petition against the governor and has begun the process.

Stay tuned for the complete report.



  1. just becouse of his wife’s interest, mr president barred the bayelsa state governor to even contest in the recent PDP primaries conculuded in the state. know, he is trying to do away with the sokoto state governor just the way he did to sylva. Therefore, i urge the good people of sokoto to say no to jonathan’s agender.

  2. We also urge the PDP for fairness sake to rescue Kano State from the clutch of Kwankwaso the junkie for equally fighting President Jonathan and abandonig the PDP and promoting a fantical Kwankwasiya cults movement. Kano people are fed up with this glorified thug. If Sylva and Wammako should be barred for betraying President Jonathan, Kwankwaso should equally go as he is a menace and danger to the peace of Kano.

  3. Those who perpetuate evil will surely reap evil, the drum has just began, what is in the dark will sure come to light, there is no way a rotten egg would not stink.Kwankwaso is one of many.

  4. They should go ahead n do whatever they like n see if PDP can win in sokoto, PDP should know that the 100 percent support they got during d last election was not because sokoto people like d party but it’s because of d Wamako’s popularity


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