Kwankwaso’s Shaddy Deals: Lucrative Contracts to Wife, Brothers and Inlaws


Trouble appears more evident within the administrative cabinet of the Executive arm of the Kano Government under the governorship of Engr Rabiu Kwankwaso. This is as information available to indicate that the principal officers of the Kano State House of Assembly have grown uncontrollably “mad” at the Governor of Kano State over recent developments bordering on financial crminality. Particularly, the lawmakers are said to be unhappy over the governor’s refusal to include them in the fleecing of the State treasury.

As a caveat, had reported previously on the alleged execess of the Kano State governor in a publication titled “Gov Kwankwaso’s Drug Abuse, Assault on Cabinet Members, Corruption & Ibrahim Shekarau” which espoused on the open secret of Kwankwaso’s drug addiction, the turmoil within his cabinet and financial offenses. 

According to highly credible sources within the inner caucus of the Governor aides, immediately following the publication, the governor was heard on Tuesday @ 3am [October 4, 2011] in a loud anger tantrum. “The man was hollering at the top of his voice in the early hours of Today in one of his induced madness. Dr. Dangwani, the Chief of Staff, had to be summoned to the government house to calm him“. As the Chief of Staff arived, the source adds, the governor turned to him and began shouting “I am the Excellency! Who is the Excellency?”. The visibly shaken Chief of Staff responded “You are indeed the Excellency“. The Chief of Staff successfully calmed the governor and the governor was reported to spend the large part of the day “in doors”.    

Meanwhile, reconciliatory moves are currently being undertaken by the stakeholders and elders in Kano State over what impartial observers cite as the imminent collapse of the Kwankwaso cabinet owing to internal fights and crumblings. Sources indicate that 2/3 of the Commissioners are in “hot” discussions with the opposition camp – possibly with the camp of the former governor of Kano State, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau. Similar crumblings within the Kano State Assembly are said to be emanating and directed at the Kano State Governor. As gathered, the lawmakers may have “an axe to grind with him” over what they termed as “financial offenses” committed by the governor.

Top on the list of the Governor shaddy deals and near financial offenses is the activities of the governor through his brother, Baba Musa Kwankwaso [popularly known as “Baba”] who is employed at the Kano State Housing Cooporation. The governor “unofficially” appointed Baba to handle all the lucrative contracts associated with the State Universal Basic Education Board [SUBED] including the feeding contract of all State owned boarding schools.

The recent resignation/sacking of the Executive Chairman of SUBEB, Alhaji Yakubu Adamu Wudil, as gathered, was the result of Baba’s undue influence into the activities of the SUBEB. According to source, Alhaji Yakubu Adamu Wudil, the sacked chairman, had bitterly complained on how Gov Kwankwaso rendered the SUBEB Board useless in contract award by subverting the Board’s functions thus throwing due process to the wind. The sacked Chairman was severally heard openly complaining that Kwankwaso’s brother, Umar Musa Kwankwaso [Baba],  always cornered the juiciest contracts without observing due processes. He was said to be bringing written notes from Kwankwaso’s Chief of Staff, Dr Yunusa Dangwani on how to dispense contracts to Kwankwaso’s brothers and cronies. Insiders cite N2.8 billion class room contracts that were awarded and allocated to Kwankwasiya associates without the Board’s knowledge.  The source continues to add that “Alhaji Yakubu Adamu’s sack brings to fore one of the several contradictions within Kwankwaso administration. There is a serious deep divisions within government circles as many believed that Kwankwaso is fooling the public by feigning prudence while using several fronts to swindle public coffer of several billions of naira since his controversial ascension to power in May 2011. 

Gov Kwankwaso, in a similar swoop, ordered all its State contractors to adhere to buying roofing zinc only from Baba Musa Kwankwaso. Baba had pre-ordered a Kwankwasiyya branded roofing sheets from China, in anticipation of getting an exclusive market since his brother (Governor Kwankwaso) “forced/mandated” all government contractors to use the type of branded zinc that he [Baba] solely sells. source gathered Kwankwaso’s wife, Salamatu as beneficiary of the Kwankwaso’s nepotism/shaddy deals. Mrs Salamatu Kwankwaso produces and supplies interlocking tiles, which Kwankwaso’s government “directed” (via a circular with ref: LS/ADM/43/TP1), that owners/occupiers of properties within the metropolitan area “must be sandcreted or interlocked…” thus paving way for her company which is situated along Yahaya Gusau road to have an exclusive patronage.

Political observers believe that there exist a sleath all over Kwankwaso as he potends to be prudent while cornering all the contracts to himself, family and in-laws.

The infamous Garba Musa Kwankwaso is reported to the sole supplier of water treatment chemicals [alum] in Kano. Garba Kwankwaso also doubles as a front for the governor. He fronted for the governor in the purchase of vehicles recently donated as patrol cars to the security organs of the state. gathered that over fifty [50] vehicles were sold to the state government at an inflated price of over N9m each against the actual cost of N4m. Garba also fronted for the hurried purchase of multi-billion fertlizer, the repair of gate to the government house at a warping sum of N5m.

This is in addition to official records which indicate the governor spent N600m in less than 100 days from the Special Services Department.

Meanwhile, available information indicates that the lawmakers have begun to lose their cool with the Governor following his abrupt slashing of their Overheads, incapacitating their Oversight functions, freezinf all training programs, seminars and excursions. The governor also stopped remittance for Constituancy Projects [a gesture advanced by the past administration that enables active participation of lawmakers in all projects]. The governor is reported to treat the complaints of the lawmakers with “coldness and indignity”. 

A principal source reveals that during last Sallah, the Speaker of the Kano State Assembly [believed to be a boy of the Governor and a PDP member] attempted to source an “Honoraria” from the Governor’s office. He was asked to provide a budget – which he submitted at the tuned of N44 million equivalent of N1.1million per lawmaker. But the Governor was said to respond in a manner deemed disrespectful by the lawmakers. The Governor accused the lawmakers of rapacity and slashed the money to a “paltry” N4m equivalent to about N100,000 per lawmaker. The lawmaker were stunned. And when the Chief of Staff, Dr Dangwani, attempted to plead on behalf of the lawmakers, the Governor, reportedly “snubbed him by heaping unprintable insults on the lawmakers”.

A source close to the Speaker of the Kano State House of Assembly tell that the fear of the lawmakers mustering up the audacity to probe the governor over the many shaddy deals is non-existent. He notes that 30 out of the 40 lawmakers are members of the PDP and will not go against the governor. Sharing similar view is another authoritative source who reveals that the governor has reached out to the lawmakers through his brother, Baba. The adds that Baba was told to share the boarding school feeding contract to 30 of the lawmakers.

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  1. Kwankwaso is a menace to people of kano state.May Allah bring an end to this govt of ‘yan dabas,karuwai, ‘yan daudu and enemies of shariah.

  2. This is just the beginning,if not because of so many legal actions against the governor the situation will be worst. May Allah bring an end to this looting of our treasury without auditing

  3. I saw with my eyes on election day where girls are being given money to vote for Kwankwaso and God so kind he paid you back with imposing school fees of which some of cannot afford it. As muslims you have to remember the saying that “If you show ur gratitudes on what you bestowed with you get more and on contrary, the vice versa.” Kano you got the kind of leader exactly your kind.

  4. We are very grateful to 247ureports for exposing this evil government of rabiu kwankwaso. This is just a tip of the iceberg of his corruption just wait by the time leaves either through the court or 2015 he shall be taken to efcc or icpc

  5. the people of kano state made a serious mistake over the 2011 election. we experianced a good governance from malam ibrahim shekarau but unfortunately we betrayed Allah for that blessing. consequently some unscripulous people casted their vote to autocratic kwankwaso who has no pity to kano state people. in fact, civil servant, traders, students, traditional rulers, women, ulama, unemployed youth, farmers and all other categories of people we must pray for Allah to save us from the hard target of kwankwaso government.

  6. Poorly written piece, filled with both factual and lexical errors. May Allah protect Kano State from the evils of the demi devils, who tell lies to score polical points. I can swear to Almighty Allah (SWT) that you can not substantiate what yo’ve written.

  7. I don’t know even how to laugh at kanawas. We told them they should not decide on this guy, yet they refused. This is the begining. PDP! Wa! Wa!

  8. Its a good story from enemy of Kano the shekarau lead administration that steal more than 20 billion u did write. all this stupedy you are writing causy of Shekarau pay, we people of Kano vote Kwankwaso inoder to deal with people like you and does day in day out are doing prostitution with women and men in government House.
    Dandaudu irin ku you will never return to Kano. What shekarau did in Kano even ebli ba zai yi, banza ye yan daudu kawai.

  9. With this man as kano state governor you can expect much more than that.Brothers,wife as contractors that is good for kano people.

  10. May God protect us from Idiots who don’t know what is good for them. Idiots who are so Stupid that they prefer the previous administration that embezzled our funds, built multi million naira homes,Took their wives abroad just to give birth while the poor are left with the State ill-equipped medical centers. An administration whose recurrent expenditure was outrageous.whose only achievement was on infrastructural Development with little to show in education and Health sector. An administration who sponsored their friend’s and relatives children to study abroad with public funds while the majority are left with our poor state schools. An administration that inflated contracts. How can you compare this with an administration that has prioritized the education sector as well as beautified our roads.Is continuously working towards improving our revenue collection so as to make kano great again.An adminstration that is ensuring things change for the better and to the benefit of the masses not just a few.An administration that is ensuring public funds are properly utilized. May Allah broaden our mind so we can tell who truly stands for us.These write-ups are sponsored by politicians who have fallen out and are merely hoping to deceive the masses. I am certain the people of kano are not that stupid.I am also disappointed that this medium could be used to spread this rumors and lies. Kwankwaso by far is the best thing to happen to the masses of Kano in recent times.

  11. Authentic Stupid is at it again. Perhaps his belief is that the rest of Kano people are also hypnotised by the Kwankwasiya cult magic. Kanawa are wiser and Kwankwaso’s junkie’s shenanigans are over. Disgrace awaits him and his hate cultists followers. We whole heartedly beleived with this medium as the Authentic Stupid and his masters could not muster the courage to allow other medium to expose the lies that chracterise Kwankwaso and his supporting rascals.

  12. Ha ha ha! Funny! All these sponsored Nasty comments about Kwankwaso, his closed associates and The so-called Cult followers are nothing but whole RUBBISH! We, the real Kanawas, that our fore-fathers came from respective local govts of Kano State are aware of whole truth of the Reality, the true colours of Shekarau and his followers. We can differentiate the real culprits, betrayers, gays and embezzlers. Basically I’m highly surprised by the way this web media is being used very cheaply. I shaVery Juck. May the Almigjty Allah continue exposing the real culprits. Munafukai, masu Musuluncin Karya.

  13. LOL…will not lower myself as to call Mallan Nura Names.hmmmm It appears he is among those that benefited from the old regime. So also is he now a sooth sayer who seem to know what will happen in the near future **giggling**.I will live it to the intelligent masses to judge. Even the blind can surely spot the difference. Mtcheew

  14. You knowM. Nura Never mind what the pro-Kwankwaso may see either in support of their governor or against the previous administration. They are experts in ignorant and baseless allegations without facts and figures to convince the discerning minds. They accused Mallam Shekarau of embezzlement but cannot prove it. Is it prudence that within its first 100 days this govt. claimed to spend about 43 billion naira without anything to show for it or is compassion and love for the kano people to impose exorbitant school fees on all and sundry which they never knew during the previous administration. Their eyes are all on the House of Mallam Shekarau substantially due to their pagan and pharaonic jealousy coupled with their cobral venom and their satanic cruelty. The world is waiting for them to prove that the house was built out of squandermania and mismanagement. The house which kwankwaso built in Nassarawa state is over eight hundred and thirty million Naira. It consists of a school and chickenery. He shouted, during the opening ceremony of Kano trade fair that Mallam is no more than a nonentity, impoverished and starkly poor element who became rich overnight because he ruled Kano for eight years. He forgot the fact that he could not even purchase a form in 1999 had it not been for the intervention of Mallam Mus Gwadabe. However, after only four years as a governor he is worth 100 billion naira. Tell me that he inherited the money and from looting of the kano treasury. This administration is generally focussed on the following:
    1. Paganism instead of Islam, despite the fact that Islam is the predominant faith of the Kano people.
    2. Unemployment instead of employment.
    3. Coercion instead of diplomacy.
    4. Ignorance instead of knowledge.
    5. Hoologanism instead of decency and self-respect.
    6. Vindictiveness instead of objectivity.
    7. Vulgar statement instead of eloquence.
    8. Miserliness instead of generosity.
    9. Hatred instead of love.
    10. Harakiri instead of meaningful life.

  15. Authentic, you better stop commenting on 247 reporters bcos in their page if search KWANKWASO you will only c – information don’t mind ppl they will realize one day take the case of AUDU BAKO,RIMI AND GEN.BUHARI when they were governing, ppl hate them but letter even the illitrates love them. Forget about the real lotters,yandaudu, makaryata,mayaudara,masu rantsuwar karya, those dat spend N4B on hotel bills entertaining their kadaigane. Allow their wives to create false NGOs getting donations from 44 LGA. Buying traditional titles from left and write.ya tuma rawani mutane suna yi masa Dariya Ana zugashi ko farchen Nafarko Be kaiba .


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