Gov Kwankwaso’s Drug Abuse, Assault on Cabinet Members, Corruption & Ibrahim Shekarau

Gov Kwankwaso

A cantankerous fete in the Kano State Government under the tutelage of Governor Kwankwaso appears on the heels of anarchy amidst ill conceived conspiracies unapologetically rocking the pillars of the administrative cabinet. This is as information available to reveals all is not well with the Governor and his administration.

On the late Monday evening of September 26, 2011, an incident [assault] occurred in the Government House in Kano State that may change the face of Kwankwaso’s administration for the remainder of Kwankwaso’s tenure as governor. The governor was reported by credible sources to have verbally and physically assaulted one of his commissioners while at a closed door meeting with other inner caucus members of the administration. It took the intervention of the Chief of Staff and Perm Sec Special Services who prevailed on the Commissioner not to resign there and then.

Close associates of the governor who opened up to express concerns over the governor of Kano State. They state that he may have reverted to old habits of hard drug abuse. In the words of one of the associates, “the man has sunk lower by resorting to hard drugs. Apart from the cannabis that he was known to indulge, the governor of the most populous state in Nigeria is on heroin and perhaps cocaine. He collapsed twice since his assumption as governor and it may perhaps explain why his Chief of Staff, Dr Yunusa Dangawani, whose only experience in life is having once served as an executive secretary at the state Health Services Management Board is ranked above all political appointees including the SSG, HOS and Kwankwaso’s deputy governor. He is an Urologist”.

According to information gathered, the assaulted Commissioner goes by the name Abdullahi Abbas, a cousin brother to the Central Bank of Nigeria [CBN] Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. Abbas oversees the affairs of the State Ministry of Environment. He is regarded as one of the fieriest critic of Shekarau administration and a major financier of the fanatical Kwankwasiya movement. He was an All Nigeria Peoples Party [ANPP] stalwart during Governor Kwankwaso’s first tenure. He had fallen out with Ibrahim Shekarau after his failed bid to see that Ibrahim Al-Amin Little emerged as ANPP’s flag-bearer prior to 2003 polls, in which Shekarau emerged victorious after trouncing the much maligned Kwankwaso.

Further inquiry indicates that Abbas had pitched his tent with Kwankwaso prior to the 2011 gubernatorial elections of 2011 and participated actively in the overall activities of Kwankwasiya [of which many observers believe was the Kwankwasiya movement as not a PDP movement], curiously promoting a fanatical political group bent on unleashing mayhem if they fail in their bid to clinch Kano. Sources cite the Kwankwasiya movement as a blood thirsty group – as they movement openly campaigned for violence and bloodshed against any group who would be a stumbling block to their desire to wrest Kano from the ANPP. Their main slogan, during their campaign a year before the 2011 gubernatorial elections was “Sabon Sarki, Sabon Gwamna“, meaning “New emir, new Governor” a euphuism for Kwankwaso’s plan to dethrone the Kano emir, ostensibly for supporting Ibrahim Shekarau in his pet project, a societal reorientation program: A daidaita Sahu.

Part of Kwankwaso’s present troubles is traced to the activities surrounding his controversial victory at the polls in 2011. Kwankwaso, according to his close associates, appointed many unqualified persons to his cabinet. “Most of them lacked the pedigree to question Kwankwaso as he is widely perceived to have disdain for criticism” – stated the close associate. The associate also noted that Kwankwaso’s appointment of Abbas as the Environment Commissioner struck a lone chord in that Abbas was considered “his own man” and not a “praise singer”, and that he normally speaks his mind and is not afraid to take a stand. Abbas is reported to be the only cabinet member that questions Kwankwaso on certain issues – and it was widely believed among cabinet that Abbas’ liberty at questioning Kwankwaso so freely was largely due to the supposed closeness between him and Governor.  One amongst the slew of questions raised by Abba was the promise by Kwankwaso to continue to pursue the agenda to remove the seating Monarch. At the time, Kwankwaso appeared happy and at ease with the manner the cabinet was sailing.

Then suddenly one evening, in a manner deemed abrupt and uncharacteristic, by keen observers of the Kano State government, Kwankwaso summoned his cabinet members to the government house. And then began a tongue lashing. Two of the Commissioners present told that the Governor appeared “clearly stoned.  He accused all us as having a mindset of perfidy and that he would not tolerate any one of us who came in with the intent to steal. He insulted us and alleged that most of us were “jobless” and that he saved us by offering us to serve him [not the state]”.  And in Kwankwaso’s words, “most of you, look at you fools, are entertaining friends and relatives, in anticipation of making money in this government, I will not tolerate it. I will sting anybody who dares to challenge me on this“.

In a timely manner, the abrupt tongue lashing by Kwankwaso of his cabinet members brought to anchor the unraveling of the Kwankwaso’s administration.

Its symptoms began exhibiting outwardly with the flood of June 2011 which wrecked havoc on the hapless community of Feggae in Nassarawa Local Government Area [LGA] – where the Kwankwaso administration was reported to have responded unimpressively. Gov Kwankwaso then directed the Ministry of Environment to proffer advice and offer a palliative solution to the crisis – of which Abbas complied. The Environment Ministry drafted and submitted a plan to evacuate the drainages in the LGA of Nassarawa – with a cost appendage of N10million. But the Governor responded to slash the cost to N1million without discussions/consultations with the technical experts or the Commissioner.

Abbas became unhappy and somewhat disgruntled partly following the unprovoked tongue lashing by the governor. Abbas began considering abandoning the Kwankwaso administration when he discovered that he was not alone. In his brief interaction with the other cabinet members, he learnt that nearly all of the Commissioners were experiencing similar fate with the governor. The Commissioners who spoke to revealed that all contractual submissions that are lucrative are reserved by the Chief of Staff of the Kano State Government, Dr Yunusa Dangawani, for the brother of the governor, Garba Musa Kwankwaso. As a result, the commissioners chose to stop forwarding their submissions with financial implication or suggesting any company to be considered.

Unrelenting in his “induced rage”, Kwankwaso announced the abrupt suspension of over 5,000 street cleaners without consulting with the Ministry of Environment – under the care of Abbas. This led to Kano streets being overtaken by refuse. Reports from Kano metropolis indicated that the public were angry as most of the “Yanshara” [street cleaners] were widows, poor and undeserving of the abrupt sacking. But a source close to Kwankwaso defended the governor’s actions stating that the street cleaners were suspiciously too many – and that the governor suspected foul-play so he decided to act to reorganized the street sweeping program. The associate indicated that Kwankwaso is determined to fight corruption in his government.

But the activities of Kwankwaso’s brother-in-law, Babangida Sule Garo poses a contradiction to the fight against corruption in the Kwankwaso administration. As investigations uncovered, Sule Garo has been having a field day as the Chairman of Sabon Gari Market [a lucrative South East majority Market]. Sule Garo recently sold the Market Union building at N54m while renting a N10m office along Sani Abacha Way. This is while reviewing upwards the tenement rent of Market shops, including that of First Bank of Nigeria, situated within the market without the knowledge of the Ministry of Commerce that oversees the affairs of the Markets in Kano. The Bank’s rent was increased from N950,000 to N5 million annually – and was asked to pay for five years upfront [N25 million]. The payment was made directly to the governor, sidelining the Commerce Commissioner, Hon. Danburan. [Danburan, a former Finbank employee, is said to be a wealthy business man who amassed tremendous wealth and splashed some on Kwankwasiya movement, financing most of the movement’s illicit deals and sheepishly believing that Kwankwaso would reward him with finance ministry so that he can recoup his “investments” He was disappointed when given the Commerce Ministry, a Siberia of sort in Kano.]

Then came the altercation that followed between Kwankwaso and the Emir of Kano, Ado Bayero [see Kano State Gov, Dr. Kwankwaso & Vice President, Arc Sambo at war path – for a brief on the altercation]. Kwankwaso, acting under what his commissioners referred to as an “induced rage” ordered Abbas to issue a warning threat to the Emir through his father [Abbas] that the Emir risked being dethroned if he dare do the traditional Sallah ceremony. Abbas’ father, Alhaji Abbas Sanusi, seats as the Senior Councilor [Wambai] in the Kano Emirate Council. The altercation between Abbas’ boss and the Emir placed Abbas in a “Catch 22”. The emir defied Kwankwaso and to go ahead with the ceremony. Disaster was averted when eminent Nigerians cautioned Kwankwaso against plunging Kano into another crisis reminiscent of July 1980 rampage.

Clandestinely, the band of disgruntled cabinet members has since decided to join forces to fight the governor. Having decided to abandon the Kwankwaso administration, at a time deemed appropriate for maximum impact, they also have opened talks with the former governor of Kano State, Ibrahim Shekarau for possible collaboration. The disgruntled group, as our source reveals, feels emboldened by the dwindling fortune of Kwankwaso – his popularity rating is at its lowest, he is presently contending with what experts believe as an unwinnable trio of litigations, all capable of upturning the results of the April 2011 gubernatorial elections.

The disgruntled cabinet members are said to be increasing in number – to five [5] confirmed Commissioners and five [5] Special Advisors – with Abbas as their leader.

It is certain the State Governor, Kwankwaso finds himself in a precarious situation. He appears waging a battle against the Vice President of Nigeria, Arc Sambo, the former governor of Kano, Ibrahim Shekarau, the members of his cabinet – all within the first 120days in office. His close associate who have expressed fear over his return to drug abuse, indicate he has launched a battle against himself. They fear the unspoken may result if caution is thrown to the wind.


  1. Allah Ya taimaki mutan kano…

    • Malam Aminu Daurawa, we wonder why you accept to work under Kwankwaso while you know he will not allow you to do your job diligently. As Commandant General of the Hisbah Corps, we heard that you have already started regretting as the outfit is now being reorgnised to accomodate the dreadful Kwankwasiya militia. Your resolve to cleanse S/Gari, Police and Army Barracks of alcohol is also not feasible as we heard that you now realise, rather belatedly that Shekarau was more realsitic than what you were made to believe. It is also common knowledge that Kwankwaso emasculate your board by stifling you of funds. Like wise, appointing Aminuddeen as your board chairman also is a pointer that there wont be a harmonious working relationship as every body is aware of Aminuddeen’s greedinees whereas you are regarded as an epitome of justice, forthriteness and honesty. I advice you to resign honorably now, before been too late. There is no future for you in this Kwankwaso government if you are keen about your integrity.

      • Hmn ppl shld say good or kip their mouth short we just wait kwankwso will take kano to greatness, he is far much better than that typical looter shekarau barawo banza barawon wofi allah ya isa kudinmu

  2. be ware you people a lie is a flowering plant that bears only flowers but in capable of producing fruits. This news paper is only sponsored by ANPP to assault the state governor. Why not question the former government about our fertilizer money

  3. this is a clear story, sure this government is not respecting human being and rule of law , better for you to resign so that history can remember you , we pray to any body who can progress our state under democracy tolerance and rule of law,peace and unity.

  4. this is a serious issue my opinion is that let the state house of assembly investigate this issue and N D L E to cross examine the executive governor of Kano state fora dope text, for integrity pls consider my positioning

  5. “hassada game rabo…., may Allah lead you to the right path my fellow civil engineer! & by the Allah’s grace, you will definately succeed.

  6. Let people check out what the real truth is, a nigerian governor or leader vowing not to allow corruption under his watch is bound to fail,and every single kitchen sink will be thrown at him….oh no he is a drunk or drug addict to say no corruption under his watch.

  7. mudai mutanen kano saidai addu’a muce innalillahi wa’inna ilaihim rajikuna Allah yakawomana change ga wannan maishaye shaye

  8. This is pure unadulterated load of crap. Unprofessional peace of journalism….making raw accusations without convincing facts.Kwankwaso is indeed a reformer and is living no stone unturned to ensure kano returns to the path of greatness. The citizens of kano are overdependent on the State government for livelihood.Thsi has t stop.The state economy have to be private driven. The recurrent expenditure massively reduced to give way for capital projects. Kano needs not to be dependent and Kwankwaso is working towards ensuring that.

  9. Indeed Governor Kwankwaso is driving Kano ahead, we never regret whatever come to our in terms of change. Change! Change!! Change!!! And here it comes in Kano 2011 to 2015 Insha Allah. May Allah continue to guide him, his governance, his cabinet and the entire people of Kano. Ameen.

  10. The peoples of kano state we never forget the Sardaunan Kano and his 8 years administration and exemplary leadership. look at Hisbah Guard, Street Cleaners, pensioners, and many human development across the state all this gone in-vein during the 2011 governorship election. the fall of ANPP in Kano State is the fall of millions Kano State indigene who serve in the state. all loving kano state continue praying until we remove him from office. more greese to Sardaunan Kano.

  11. I knw it is hardly 4 kwankwaso 2 complete his tenure wit all his carbinet. Since 4rm nw he start quarelln wit commissioners, muna nan sai munyi muku dariya.

  12. Let the man be. If you don’t have concrete proof let him take what ever he wants so long as he continues to do the good job. Kwankwaso is the man that will get us back on track. We need to give him maximum cooperation. He is the only one that can stand up to high powers in the state for the sake of the commoner.

  13. Anpp u hav 2 chnge ur plan, we kanawa we’r nt stpds …….kwankwasiya wil take kano to its apex gr8tnss

  14. oh allah we need your assist for that kwankwaso ;s dictatorship so allah your are able to do almost everything about drinkable master ;s colonial ameen.the cantankirous govenor is not dully for kano state.becoase is the haert city state of muslims ummah in nigeria. if he will be good so that allah made him if not allah bendalize him ameen.

  15. Am so ashamed with the act of the so called governor of the great kano state. Am sorry kanotian are really disappointed with this Insanity.

  16. Kwankasiya are like Mitatsine – fanatics, extremists and vandals. Why is Kwankwaso hell bent in promoting these extremists? Their movement has nothing to do with PDP. He worked against President Jonathan after collecting huge sum of money and foolishly fighting Arc Namadi Sambo, Kano Emir, Dantata, Shekarau, Traders, Civil Servants, Ulama and the entire Kano citizens. Why dont they have respect for our elders, customs and traditions. Why do they hate all who differ from their weird political world view? Why do they promote lawlessness and political brigandage. Kwankwaso and his followers should know that they cannot escape from the evil they are sowing as they would certainly be consumed by what they sow. Allah ya karya Kwankwaso da ‘Yan kwayan magoya bayansa… Mal’uneen!

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