My Struggle is not to lead Ndigbo – MASSOB Leader, Ralph Uwazurike

Eze Nri blessing MASSOB Leader

The leader of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra MASSOB Chief Ralph Uwazulike has dismissed any impression that he was struggling to lead Ndigbo through the Biafra movement saying that his aim was to get Ndigbo rid off myriad of problems they were endlessly facing in the entity called Nigeria.

Chief Uwazulike who spoke at the palace of Eze Nri, His Majesty Eze Obidiegwu Onyeso (MER,JP) on a courtesy visit noted with dismay that Ndigbo in Nigeria are suffering in Nigeria and Nigerian leaders were not serious on addressing their plight adding that it was the failure of Nigeria leaders to address the problems of Ndigbo that inspired him into the struggle to achieve Biafra.
The MASSOB leader who was accompanied to the palace by the leaders of the groups who are planning for the burial of Biafra war heroes  led by the President and founder of Odogwu Anyamee, Chief  Rommy Ezeonwuka and the leader of Ekumeku from Anioma area in Delta State Chief Emma Okocha explained that after much more examining the position of Ndigbo in Nigeria he realized that the best option left is to achieve a Sovereign State of Biafra, lamenting that the Governors of the South-east States were the major obstacle towards realizing the Biafra Nation.
Eze Nri blessing Ezeonwuka


“Governors are the cause of MASSOB travails in the hands of Nigerian forces” he began rhetorically noting that the Governors were behind his series of arrest and detention by Nigeria forces. He said that MASSOB took the decision to disrupt the 2006 census as a way of telling the governors that they were not in full control of the igbo masses.
Although the Biafra protagonist didn’t explain parts of the problems that Igbo man was facing in Nigeria, he said MASSOB has been able to tackle effectively the problem of those disabled men who were wounded during the Biafra war by resettling them at Okwe currently the headquarters of MASSOB.
He revealed that MASSOB has no means of raising money except monthly dues from its members dismissing the insinuations from some quarters that the groups were being financed by some foreign countries.


Speaking further, the Biafran fighter who lived and studied Law in India, said concerning the proposed burial of  Biafran fallen Heroes that MASSOB was not just ready to prominently participate in the historic exercise, but has already acquired a massive expanse of land at Okwe for the necessary monument of the fallen heroes.
In the meantime the Eze Nri who is widely regarded by the Igbo race as the chief custodian of Igbo culture and tradition has pronounced his blessing on the MASSOB leader on knelling him down for prayers and issued him with a chieftaincy title as “Ijele Ndigbo”.
The Nri King however announced that Uwazuruike will be officially coronated with the Ijele title during the next Iguaro festival slated for February 2012, adding that he was fully in support of the Burial arrangement for the civil war heroes.
The king who revealed that Igbo culture and tradition were gaining global exposure and attraction at the moment said he was hitherto not happy with Uwazuruike following the anti census activities of MASSOB in 2006 but had forgiven all that because of the pleading on his behalf by some personalities.
Hear the king,” what happened really is that before the census in 2006, we heard that MASSOB was in opposition to it and planning to disrupt the exercise then the traditional rulers invited them for talks at the palace of Igwe Orizu at Nnewi to plead with them, but they didn’t care to listen and went ahead to disrupt the counting of Ndigbo during the census, to the detriment and disadvantage of Igbo population, that was why I took offence against Uwazuruike”
He however promised to continue doing his best in promoting the Igboman culture and tradition both at home and Diaspora calling on the Igbo race to support the planned burial of the fallen heroes as according to him it was against the law of Igbo land not to bury the dead.




It was however a happy moment for organizers of the proposed burial of the fallen heroes as they expressed excitement as the Eze Nri and Uwazuruike agreed to peacefully work together for the burial in particular and for the goodness of Igbo race in general.
In his remark President and founder of Odogwu Anyamee Chief Rommy Anyaamee. Chief Ezeonwuka said he initiated the burial idea after discovering that it was non burial of the fallen heroes as the cause of the various problems ravaging Ndigbo as Armed Robbery, kidnapping, Unemployment, bad Governance, political marginalization etc assuring that Igbo man would rid off his problems after the burial rite performance.
Chief  Ezeonwuka who also received the blessing of Eze-Nri commended the Eze for his concern, efforts and contributions in defending and promoting the culture and tradition of Ndigbo urging him not to relent but use his highly respectable sacred position to aid the much needed fallen heroes’ burial. Ezeonwuka however hoped that the prayers offered on Uwazuruike would guide him against further arrest and detention by Nigerian security forces. His words, “Today is a special day for uwazuruike. For the first time, he came to the palace of Eze-nri and performed the traditional rite of itu nzu and got prayers, so with all these no more arrest, no more detention”.
Also speaking, the leader of Ekumeku Chief Emma Okocha, said that peace is very necessary among Ndigbo at this point time and commended the Eze Nri for accepting to make peace with MASSOB leader.
The Ekumeku who announced that the 2011 memorial Ceremony for Asaba Genocide v ictims would hold next month of October, unequivocally noted that he and his kindreds at Anioma will ever support and champion the cause of Ndigbo as they all know that Igbo is their father land.
“We are members of the Igbo family, not Ijaw, Isoko or Itshekiri, so why won’t we take part in what is happening in igboland”, he said adding that Ekumeku was fully in support of the burial of the fallen heroes.
Chief Okocha who ran for Delta State Governorship in 2007 under the platform of ACN said he was excited on the efforts of Chief Ezeonwuka, Eze Nri and others who are much more concerned about peace, unity and progress of Ndigbo adding that Anioma people are appreciative of their efforts.
In the meantime the proposal burial of Biafran Fallen Heroes has been fixed for Jan. 12-14, 2012.


  1. Yes, Ralph is correct, freedom fighters are usually not best in leading but in providing support to a carefully chosen leader to lead the people out of its socio-economic and political problems.

  2. I have often wondered why Chief Ralph Uwazuruike castigates the Governors of the South East for his numerous travails in pursuit of his Biafran dream. Does he expect elected Governors to abandon their political parties and oath of allegiance to now serve or support him? Ralph is actually a distraction to the Governors. Though he has the right to his liberation struggle and philosophy, the benefits of his struggle can only be realized within a fight and agitation to produce good leaders in our south east states. Furthermore, the realization of additional two states created in the South east will give the massob leader greater credibility than his irritant pursuit of a Republic conceived out of distress, pursued out of discord, and lost as a result of suffocation.

    • Bar Mike, u are entitle to ur opinion. Pls let me ask u a question. 1) are u in support of those killing the igbo’s. If No! What do u think is the way forward out of this killing from 1945 till this minute. 2) in what way are suggesting that the igbo,s should use to free their selves from this systematic, ethnic cleansing. If u have no meaningful solution. Then i advise u to shot up ur smelling mouth and focus on ur charge and bail work. If u have ways out of this mess, why not come out and lead the igbos instead of castigating somebody who volunteer himself. Maybe u are jelouse of him. People like u are the reason other tribe regard us christmass goat cus u are a coward. Prove me and all other igbo young youth that are killed everyday in nigeria by taking to bull by the horn and lead us to safety. Igbo boys are ready and prepaid this time.

  3. i belive dat biafra must surely come pass,i plead every igbo which are which belive in country so call d dat full of injustice to belive in biafra dat they will inherit not thing they and my opologazing igbo govt to support biafra,biafra must live 4ever tanx


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