Contract fraud: How Kogi State Gov & in-law “Capt. Wada” pocketed N3.5billion [documents included]

Gov Ibrahim Idris

On Wednesday, September 14, 2011, the National Working Committee [NWC] of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] released guidelines for the primary election to pick its governorship candidate for the December 3, 2011 gubernatorial election in Kogi state. The primary election is scheduled for Thursday September 22, 2011 in Lokoja, Kogi State.

But protests/demonstrations at the party’s national secretariat by aggrieved patriots of Kogi State was said to have nearly marred the collection of forms by Alhaji Idris I. Wada [Captain Wada], an in-law to the Governor of Kogi State, Ibrahim Idris. This is as sources have pointed to Captain Wada’s candidacy as the choice of Governor Idris to mount the governor’s seat in 2012.  

Documentary evidence available to indicates all might not be well with Captain Wada and his father-in-law, the Governor. Evidence shows the financial activities of both Captain Idris I. Wada and Gov Ibrahim Idris [dating from 2008 to 2010] as potentially criminal.

According to available evidence, Wada made away with N3.5billion of Kogi State resources in collaboration with his father-in-law. Through a company called HORIZON GROUP LIMITED owned by Captain Wada, Gov Idris awarded numerous “white elephant” contracts in excess of N3.5billion.

HORIZON GROUP LIMITED comprises of five smaller companies – Horizon Stock Brokers Limited, Horizon Building Society Limited, Hotel De Horizon Limited, Horizon Bureau De Change Limited, and Horizon Construction Company Limited. The contracts were awarded to Horizon Construction Company Limited – with office address at Abuja located at 40 Lusaka Street, Wuse Zone 6, and a Lagos office at Investment House, 4th Floor 21/25 Broad Street, Lagos.

One of the recent “white elephant” contracts awarded to HORIZON was for the dualization of Ankpa township road at the contract sum of N622.2million [N622,169,569.35]. The notice of award was contained in a letter dated August 30, 2010 and addressed to the Managing Director of Horizon Construction Company with caption “offer of provisional award of contract for the dualization of Ankpa township road”. The letter referenced KGS/CAB/39/VOL.111/653 and was signed by the Secretary to the State Tender Board, A. D. Owonipa.

[see copy of letter below]

On September 23, 2010, the commissioner for works, Engr. [Dr.] Abubakar Adamu, wrote the Governor concerning the road contract in a letter captioned “the dualization of Ankpa township road: advance payment”. Under the reference MOW/KGCIV/385/VOL1/10, the commissioner informed the governor that Horizon Construction Company had accepted the contract offer – and that an advance fee of 30% is recommended. The commissioner recommended for the governor to approve the payment of N186.6million [N186,650,870,.81].

[see copy of letter below]

Six days later, on September 29, 2010, following the governor’s approval, a voucher was raised for the payment. The voucher was termed a Certificate Valuation. It was generated by the Ministry of Works and signed by the Director [Civil Engineering] Ministry of Works, Engr. J. O. Audu for the payment of N186.7million.  It was called “plant advance”.

[see copy of Certificate Valuation]

Interestingly, on July 25, 2011, ten months following the payment of mobilization fee, Horizon Construction Company who has not mobilized to contract site or shown physical indications of starting work, submitted another request for additional payment. The governor gave his approval, and a second voucher was generated for additional payment of N84.7million [N84,733,777.10]. The money was remitted to Captain Wada. And as of this publication, the Horizon has yet to mobilize or begin work. The money was pocketed. 

[see copy Certificate Valuation No 2]   

A similar scenario played out in December 29, 2008 when Governor Ibrahim Idris awarded his in-law with the contract for the construction of Iyamoye – Igbagun – Ife Olukotun – Ponyan – Jege road for the sum of N2.3billion [N2,285,511,573.29]. The contract offer was contained in a December 29, 2008 letter referenced KGS/S/CAB/39/VOL.1/485. The contract amount was later reviewed upwards by an additional N455.5million [N455,534,927.04] to N2.7billion [N2,741,076,500.33]. Within the span of ten months following the award of contract, a total sum of N2.5billion [N2,464,609,377.09] was remitted to Captain Wada’s company – remaining N278.5million [N278,467,123.30] as outstanding balance. To date, the actual road construction remains 90% uncompleted.        

On September 29, 2008, Captain Wada was awarded another contract by his father-in-law, the governor.  The award offer was contained in a September 29, 2008 letter referenced KG/S/CAB/39/VOL.1/448 for the rehabilitation and erosion control on Oguchekwo Street by Angwa-Ede, Ankpa for the sum of N351.6million [N351,621,093.00]. The total sum of the contract was remitted to Captain Wada but the actual contract work is reported to have not been completed.

Sources close to the activities within the governor’s circle tell the fraudulent contract practices between the son-in-law and the father-in-law have been a norm in Kogi State. They claim it has been an open secret. One of the sources adds that the money raised from the “fictitious” contract awards are being raised against the upcoming gubernatorial exercise –expected to hoist Alhaji Idris I. Wada [Captain Wada] as the next PDP Governor.  

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  1. Okay oh! so father in law wants to hand over to son in law? which of their children are married to each other? and these contract documents do they show that the job has not been done? Na wa o! Nigeria we hail thee.

  2. If not for corruption , what is in being a Governor that people want to die, Idris is corrupt, Wada might be corrupt as well, Audu was corrupt , and even i will be if am a Nigerian governor, so whats the big deal , why are we singing as if corruption is new or alien in Nigeria. leadership is by example , start from the president or else you will just be kicking your self in the ass.thats the bitter reality we shy away from.

  3. is it compulsory that the two in-law should rule kogi State? what do we achieve from the 8 years he have spent as a governor of Kogi State. He should not imposed unknown somebody on Kogi state again , because we can not afford to wast many years again.

  4. Let him without a sin caste the first stone, so said Jesus. The politics of bitterness in Nigeria is fast becoming antiques- Wada by God’s grace remain the people’s choice in Kogi State- You cannot change destiny, what must be will be by God’s grace. Wada is the most qualified to rule Kogi.

  5. Political leadership in Nigeria can only be achieved through corruption.Those who have stayed clean have always wasted their time.The same masses who complain later often reward corruption in earlier behaviours. They never believe a man who has no money to share. Sometimes, sadly, a man of good intentions need first to be governor. But how can he if he is not first corrupt.


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