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AFCON of Surprises: The Twists that Shocks Bettors – By Matthew Ma



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“African football has witnessed a fascinating evolution over the years. The era when the strongest and most favored teams could effortlessly dominate and emerge victorious is long gone. Today, the key to success lies in one’s level of preparation, hard work, and determination. The most dominant nations can no longer intimidate the smaller countries as they did in the past. AFCON is now a highly competitive tournament, and any team can emerge victorious, irrespective of their ranking or past performance.”

The African Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2023 has taken the footballing world by storm with its unpredictability and surprising results. Unexpected outcomes have marked the tournament, and the recent elimination of the Moroccan national team, which was considered the top favorite to win the title, has provided the definitive argument. It’s worth noting that the competition has bid farewell to the top five African teams, according to FIFA’s official ranking, which includes Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt, all of which have been knocked out of the tournament. The fact that the top five highest-ranked countries, according to FIFA, have all been eliminated from the competition is a clear indication of the tournament’s unpredictability and the underdog’s ability to challenge the established favorites. The tournament has seen several upsets and shocking outcomes, which have kept the fans on the edge of their seats. As the tournament progresses to the latter stages, it remains to be seen which team will emerge victorious in the end.

This tournament has been nothing short of unpredictable, with several unexpected twists and turns already taking place. As we look forward to the remaining matches, it’s hard to predict what’s in store for us. Let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the biggest surprises that this tournament has produced so far. From underdogs taking down giants to unexpected comebacks and nail-biting finishes, this tournament has genuinely been a rollercoaster ride for fans and players alike. One thing is for sure – there’s no telling what the future holds, and every match is set to be a thrilling spectacle.


Painful defeats

The African Cup of Nations tournament has been nothing short of gripping and intense, with several ups and downs. In the round 16 matches, Morocco, Senegal, and Egypt, who were considered favorite contenders, unfortunately, faced an early exit from the tournament. Out of these three teams, Senegal and Egypt had to endure the most heart-wrenching defeats as they lost in the nerve-wracking penalty shootout, leaving their fans disheartened. The defending champions, Algeria and Tunisia, who were the runners-up in 2019, also couldn’t make it to the knockout stage, bowing out of the competition in the group phase itself. Their premature exits came as a significant disappointment for their fans, who had high hopes and expectations from their teams. The fans were expecting them to perform better and progress further in the tournament. However, the tournament has shown that anything can happen in football, and the underdogs can rise to the occasion and cause upsets.


Super chicken flying like the Eagle

Nigeria has been performing exceptionally well in the ongoing Confederation of African Football (CAF) tournament. As per the latest CAF rankings, Nigeria is currently placed in the sixth spot, making it the highest-ranked African team in the competition. In the quarterfinals of the tournament, the Nigerian national team defeated Angola, another participating team in the competition. Angola ranked at the bottom of the FIFA rankings among the teams still in contention, could not withstand Nigeria’s prowess. However, it’s important to note that football is an unpredictable sport, and anything can happen in a game. Upsets, surprises, and unexpected turnarounds are not uncommon in football. Therefore, despite Nigeria’s clear advantage over its opponents, it would be unwise to disregard the possibility of another unexpected outcome in the tournament. The Nigerian team needs to keep their guard up and maintain their focus to ensure that they continue their winning streak in the competition.


Osimhen the bull

Victor Osimhen, the talented Nigerian forward who currently plays for the Italian football club Napoli, continue to impress everyone with his outstanding performance in the African Cup of Nations (AFCON). Despite facing a lot of skepticism and pressure at the beginning of the tournament, Osimhen managed to silence his critics by showcasing his skills and potential during the match between Cameroon and later Angola. He played a crucial role in Nigeria’s victory against Cameroon, which helped his team secure a spot in the quarter-finals of the tournament. Osimhen’s performance was not only remarkable but also unselfish, as he worked tirelessly to support his team and create opportunities for his teammates to score. His efforts didn’t go unnoticed, as he was praised by fans and experts alike for his hard work, determination, and exceptional talent. He demonstrated his worth as a valuable member of the Nigerian team and proved that he is capable of performing under pressure and delivering results when it matters the most. Overall, Osimhen’s impressive performance in the AFCON match is a testament to his abilities and potential as a striker. He has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with on the football field and has undoubtedly earned the respect and admiration of football fans around the world.


Record breakers

Throughout this tournament, a series of shocking upsets occurred as several underdog teams managed to eliminate some of the tournament’s strongest contenders. Among the teams that were eliminated were Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, and Algeria, all of whom were widely considered to be the favorites to win the tournament but were ultimately unable to meet expectations. Despite being considered underdogs, DR Congo, South Africa, Mauritania, and Mozambique rose to the occasion and put on impressive performances that saw them emerge victorious over their more fancied opponents. These teams displayed a level of determination, skill, and teamwork that many did not expect, and their victories were a testament to the unpredictable nature of African football. The excitement and drama of these upsets are felt by fans and pundits alike, who are left shocked and amazed by the performances of these underdog teams. The results served as a reminder that in the world of sports, anything can happen and that even the most unlikely of teams can pull off a surprise victory with the right combination of talent, hard work, and determination.


The quarter-finals

It is noteworthy that the national football team of the Democratic Republic of Congo managed to secure a place in the Quarter Finals of the African Cup of Nations despite not being able to win a single game in regular time. In fact, the team played a total of four matches so far, all of which ended in draws. This includes a 2-2 draw against the defending champions, Algeria, a team that is widely regarded as one of the best in the tournament. Despite not winning a game, the Congolese team’s performance has been nothing short of impressive. They have managed to hold their own against some of the most formidable opponents in a highly competitive tournament. Their resilience and determination have been on full display as they fought hard and never gave up, even when the odds were stacked against them. Their performance in the tournament so far has been a testament to their team spirit, work ethic, and ability to stay focused under pressure. It is also worth noting that they have been playing without some of their key players due to injuries and other reasons. Their hard work has paid off, as they have secured a spot in the semi-finals of the tournament. This is a significant achievement for the team, considering that they were not considered one of the favorites to make it to this stage of the competition. The Congolese team will now face a new challenge in the semi-finals, and their fans will be hoping that they can continue to defy the odds and make history in the tournament.


Surprise package

The 2023 Africa Cup of Nations tournament has been full of surprises, with Cape Verde being one of the most significant ones. Although they were knocked out of the tournament by South Africa, the Blue Sharks’ performance has been impressive. They have made it to the last eight of the AFCON for the second time, and this achievement is a testament to the fantastic work done by Pedro Leitao Brito, also known as Bubista and his team. Cape Verde finished at the top of Group B ahead of some tough opponents, including Egypt, Ghana, and Mozambique. This achievement alone was no small feat. They then went on to knock out Mauritania in the round of 16 in a thrilling encounter between two sides that have earned plenty of admirers in this edition of the AFCON. The expectation was that Cape Verde would face Morocco in the quarterfinals, but it turn out to be South Africa instead. They defeated the favorites on penalties to set up the meeting with the Blue Sharks. Though the South Africans dominated the game, Cape Verde put up a good fight, and the match went down to the wire. Ultimately, it was not to be, and Cape Verde bowed out of the tournament. Had they won the quarterfinal, Cape Verde would have faced Nigeria in the semi-finals. The Blue Sharks have been fortunate enough to avoid some of the more formidable teams, such as Mali, the Ivory Coast, DR Congo, and Guinea, who are on the other side of the draw. All in all, Cape Verde’s performance in the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations tournament has been admirable. Although their journey has come to an end, they have shown that they are a team to be reckoned with, and their fans can be proud of their achievements.

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Top goal scorer

Emilio Nsue is a highly talented football player who is currently making waves on the field with his remarkable performance. He now plays as a Right-back for a Spanish third-tier club and as a Winger for Equatorial Guinea. In the last four games, he has been able to score an impressive total of five goals, which has earned him the title of the current Top Scorer. What’s even more remarkable is that Nsue is actually a defender, not a striker or forward, so his emergence as the highest goal scorer has come as a surprise to many. However, this achievement is not merely due to luck. Nsue’s exceptional performance is a testament to his skill, dedication, and hard work. He has been putting in extra effort both on and off the field to improve his game. His ability to read the game and make the most of his opportunities has been impressive and he has consistently shown his prowess in the attacking third of the field. Nsue’s versatility as a player has also been an asset to his team, as he is equally capable of playing in different positions. Overall, Emilio Nsue’s performance on the field has been nothing short of outstanding. His goal-scoring prowess, especially as a defender, is a testament to his exceptional skill and hard work.


New kids on the block

In a historic and exciting turn of events, Namibia’s and Mauritania’s national football teams both qualified for the round of 16 in the Africa Cup of Nations for the very first time. This incredible achievement was made possible following their respective victories over Tunisia and Algeria. In their match against Algeria, Mauritania emerged victorious with a 1-0 scoreline, while Namibia secured their place in the next round with a hard-fought 1-0 win over Tunisia. Both Namibia and Mauritania have shown great determination, skill, and teamwork throughout the group stages. Namibia, for instance, managed to pull off a remarkable win over a solid Tunisian side, which had previously won the Africa Cup of Nations in 2004. Meanwhile, Mauritania’s victory over Algeria was awe-inspiring, considering that Algeria is one of the most successful football teams in Africa, having won the Africa Cup of Nations twice (in 1990 and 2019). As they head into round 16, both teams were looking to build on their impressive performances and make a mark on the tournament. For Namibia, this was a particularly historic moment, as they have never made it past the group stage in their previous three appearances in the Africa Cup of Nations. As for Mauritania, this was only their second appearance in the tournament, having made their debut in 2019. Overall, it was a thrilling time for football fans of Namibia and Mauritania, as their national teams have made history and shown that they are capable of competing with the best in Africa.


Qualification without a win

In an extraordinary feat of resilience and determination, the Egyptian football team managed to secure a place in round 16 of the African Cup of Nations tournament despite not winning a single game in the group stage. Instead, they drew in all three matches, showcasing their unwavering fighting spirit and remarkable ability to bounce back from setbacks and challenges. This achievement is truly historic and unprecedented, highlighting the team’s unwavering commitment and dedication towards their goal. Despite being one of the favorites to win the championship, the Egyptian team found themselves facing tough competition from some of the underdog teams. Notwithstanding their best efforts, they could not handle the pressure from these teams, and their performance suffered as a result. In the knockout stage, they unfortunately succumbed to the pressure and were eventually eliminated from the competition. However, it is worth noting that this marks a significant drop from their previous performances as a solid team. While their resilience and fighting spirit are commendable, their inability to secure a win in the group stage is a cause for concern. It highlights the need for them to step up their game if they want to remain competitive and relevant in this highly demanding and competitive tournament.


Bizarre nickname.

The Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) kicked off with a buzz of excitement surrounding the Mauritanian footballer Aboubakar Kamara, popularly known as ‘AK-47.’ This unusual nickname, reminiscent of a notorious assault rifle, appeared next to Kamara’s name on Mauritania’s team sheet during their match against Burkina Faso. Despite the 1-0 defeat for Mauritania, it was Kamara’s peculiar nickname that stole the spotlight, triggering a cascade of humorous responses across social media platforms. Aboubakar Kamara, who previously played for Fulham and Olympiacos, is considered a pivotal player for Mauritania. Ordinarily, players are listed by their surnames on team sheets. However, Kamara was an exception, with ‘AK-47’ featured prominently next to his shirt number 27. This distinctive listing didn’t go unnoticed, with many fans finding humor in the unusual nickname despite its potentially dangerous connotations. The ‘AK-47’ phenomenon rapidly spilled over from the football field to Twitter, where fans expressed their amusement. Some found the nickname amusing, while others drew attention to the stark contrast between a game celebrating sportsmanship and a nickname associated with a lethal weapon. Regardless, the conversation around Kamara’s nickname amplified the visibility of the AFCON tournament, generating more buzz than usual. During the crucial match between Mauritania and Burkina Faso, all eyes were on the national team’s captain, Kamara. However, his participation in the game was cut short due to an unfortunate injury that forced him to leave the field before the first half concluded. The incident left the fans and teammates in utter disappointment, as Kamara’s leadership and skills were expected to guide the team towards victory. Despite the setback, Mauritania continued to fight hard and gave tough competition to Angola, but unfortunately lost. The defeat cast a shadow over the team’s performance, and Kamara’s exit added to the dismay. However, the team managed to bounce back in their last group match by eliminating Algeria, causing a major upset for the defending champions. The victory was a ray of hope for the team and supporters, as it showcased their resilience and determination to succeed. Kamara is a disciplined and skilled player who is highly respected in Mauritania despite the association of his nickname with violence. He has been an integral part of the Mauritanian national team, contributing significantly to their performances in the qualifiers. His dynamic playing style and impressive speed have made him a fan favorite, and he has been touted as one of the most exciting players to watch in the future. Overall, Kamara’s story is a testament to the fact that football has the power to bring people from all walks of life together, regardless of their backgrounds or nicknames. His passion for the game and dedication to his team have inspired many, and his contribution to the sport will always be remembered.


Narrow escape

Cote d’Ivoire, the host country of the African Cup of Nations, narrowly escaped a humiliating defeat when Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea beat them in the group stages. The team had a somewhat rocky start at the group stage and narrowly avoided being eliminated from the tournament. With just 3 points, they had won one match and lost two, but they managed to secure the 4th position in the Third Best Place Rankings, which allowed them to advance to the knockout stage. In round 16, Cote d’Ivoire faced off against Senegal, a team that was tipped to win the competition. The match was a closely contested affair, with both teams displaying impressive skills. However, Cote d’Ivoire was ultimately able to secure a 5-4 penalty shootout and progress to the quarterfinals. Despite facing tough competition from several other teams in the tournament, including the likes of Nigeria and Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire has been able to secure their spot in the semi-final of the game and is heading toward competing for the championship title. The team has been playing exceptionally well in the knockout stage, and their performance has left football enthusiasts impressed. As the host nation, the team has a significant advantage as they will be playing on their home turf, which could help them to lift the trophy for the third time in their history. The fans are hopeful that the team can replicate their past performances and bring glory to the country once again.

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The best edition

This year’s edition of the African Cup of Nations is undoubtedly one of the most fiercely contested football tournaments. The latest edition of the competition, AFCON 2023, has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride for football fans, with many surprises and upsets. One of the most fascinating aspects of the tournament has been the absence of any quarterfinalists from the previous edition at AFCON 2021, who have managed to secure a spot in the last eight this year. This is a clear indication of how competitive this tournament is and how each team needs to perform at their very best to make it to the top. Furthermore, the African Cup of Nations is an ever-evolving competition, with new teams emerging and established ones facing new challenges every year. The tournament is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape where the players’ skills, strategies, and mental toughness are tested to the limit. Over the years, the competition has witnessed some astonishing upsets and grand comebacks, adding to its allure and excitement. The African Cup of Nations is an event that brings together the best football talent from across the continent, highlighting the passion, spirit, and resilience of African football. With each edition been held every two years, the tournament continues to evolve, bringing forth new talent and testing the mettle of seasoned players. It remains one of the most highly anticipated sporting events on the continent, with fans eagerly anticipating the next edition to witness the drama, excitement, and sheer brilliance of African football.


West vs Southern/Central Africa

The ongoing African Cup of Nations has progressed to the semi-final stage, and a total of four countries have managed to qualify for the knockout phase of the tournament. Among these four teams, two nations from West Africa, one country from Southern Africa, and one nation from Central Africa have successfully secured their place in the semi-finals. This indicates a strong representation of West African nations in the competition, with their teams performing exceptionally well in the group stages to earn their spot in the knockout phase. The West African countries that have qualified for the semi-finals are Nigeria and Ivory Coast. These teams have had a dominant performance in the knockout stages, with Nigeria conceding just one goal from all the matches they have played so far. South Africa has qualified for the semi-final phase, making it to this stage of the competition for the first time in a while. Bryan Teixeira then scored for Cape Verde to level the shootout at 1-1. But Mothobi Mvala scored the next for South Africa, and Williams sealed the Bafana Bafana’s win by saving Patrick Andrade’s penalty. South Africa will play Nigeria on Wednesday in its first Africa Cup semi-final match for 24 years. The Central African nation that has qualified for the quarter-finals is DR Congo, which has also had a solid performance in the group stages. With a strong representation of West African nations in the competition, the quarter-final stage promises to be an exciting one. The Southern African and Central African countries may be fewer in number, but they have also put up a solid display to make it to the knockout phase and are poised to give their best shot at winning the tournament. The stage is set for an intense and thrilling competition, and we can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.



The match between Angola and Nigeria was an intense and exciting affair, with both teams displaying their attacking prowess. The crowd at the stadium was filled with anticipation, and the atmosphere was electric as Ademola Lookman scored the goal that put Nigeria ahead. To the surprise of many, despite Lookman’s stellar performance, the crowd started chanting Victor Osimhen’s name. This was not a one-time occurrence, as the same chanting was heard in the match against Cameroon in the last-16 stage of the competition. It is important to note that Lookman is currently Nigeria’s top scorer, having scored three of their six goals in the competition. Osimhen, on the other hand, has only scored one goal, with the skipper William Ekong and an own goal accounting for the other two. This has led some to question the rationale behind the crowd’s chanting of Osimhen’s name. However, it is worth mentioning that Osimhen plays a crucial role in the Nigerian team. He is a speedy and powerful striker who possesses excellent balance, making it hard for defenders to dispossess him. Moreover, he is an unselfish player who is always looking to pass the ball to his teammates whenever he is marked beyond scoring a goal. Simon Moses highlighted this quality during a post-match interview after Angola’s win, where he stated that their primary goal is to win games, regardless of who scores or not. Osimhen’s contribution to the team’s success cannot be overlooked, and his presence on the field is vital in helping Nigeria secure victories. While Nigeria’s attacking prowess has been praised by many, the team has also demonstrated the importance of defensive discipline. A balance between offensive flair and solid defensive strategies is crucial for sustained success at the continental level.


African football has witnessed a fascinating evolution over the years. The era when the strongest and most favored teams could effortlessly dominate and emerge victorious is long gone. Today, the key to success lies in one’s level of preparation, hard work, and determination. The most dominant nations can no longer intimidate the smaller countries as they did in the past. AFCON is now a highly competitive tournament, and any team can emerge victorious, irrespective of their ranking or past performance. In this year’s edition of AFCON, we witnessed some major upsets, which proved that the tournament was highly unpredictable. Senegal, who were considered one of the favorites, were shockingly eliminated from the tournament. The team had probably underestimated their opponents and thought it would be an easy ride. Unfortunately, they were proven wrong. Similarly, Morocco entered the competition with high confidence, believing that they had already won the coveted title. However, they were knocked out by an unyielding South African team that refused to bow to their arrogance. The lesson from these upsets is that every team in Africa should be considered, regardless of their past form or ranking. Every team that qualifies for AFCON has earned its place through hard work and dedication. Therefore, every team deserves respect and should be taken seriously. That’s what makes AFCON such a thrilling tournament – the level of competitiveness it offers and its unpredictability.


The question is, who will win the competition? As the Africa Cup of Nations approaches its final stages, there are no easy games for any of the remaining teams. The tournament’s unpredictable nature makes it difficult to predict an outcome, but there is one team that has a history of success in this competition – Nigeria. The Super Eagles have proven time and time again that they know what it takes to win this tournament, having made it to the final on seven different occasions and winning it three times, with their last triumph coming in 2013. But Nigeria’s success in the Africa Cup of Nations is not limited to just their victories in the final. They have also finished third on eight other occasions, which shows their consistency and ability to perform at the highest level. In the 2019 edition of the tournament, they reached the semi-finals and secured a podium finish by beating Tunisia. The Super Eagles have a rich history in the competition, and their experience and know-how can be expected to help them navigate the remaining stages of the tournament and put their nation back on top. Overall, Nigeria’s success in the Africa Cup of Nations is a testament to their quality and resilience as a team. Their ability to perform consistently in this tournament is unmatched, and they have proven that they are no strangers to the competition’s finale. With their track record of success and their determination to win, the Super Eagles are certainly a team to watch in the remaining games. However, it might be premature to start celebrating just yet. We still have one more match to go, and anything can happen in the world of sports. Therefore, it’s essential to remain focused and continue giving our best until the very end. Only then can we genuinely claim victory and celebrate our success.


Rev. Ma, S.J, is a Jesuit Catholic priest and PhD candidate in public and social policy at St. Louis University in the state of Missouri, USA.

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