Why Is Barde Still In Imo State As CP? – By Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

Mohammed Barde

Mohammed Barde is the Commissioner of Police who was deployed to Adamawa for the governorship supplementary election. He was the CP that oversaw the fake declaration of Aisha Binani of the APC as the governor-elect of Adamawa State which was later nullified. Barde’s unprofessional conduct was established by the Inspector-General of Police who ordered him out of Adamawa and replaced him with the Gombe State Commissioner of Police. Under Barde, Hunusa Ari, the discredited REC disappeared into thin air, even while there was already a directive to arrest him.

Mohammed Barde is the substantive Commissioner of Police in Imo State under whose watch, mindless criminal activities have been perpetrated by the Imo State Police Command, including; extrajudicial killings, oppression of perceived or real political opponents of the governor, illegal arrests, assassinations, electoral criminality and any kind of imaginable criminality. His deployment to Adamawa might have been intended for him to do the exact thing he did; aid electoral criminality.

Hunusa Ari couldn’t have attempted the treason he perpetrated in Adamawa if he didn’t have the cover of the Police and other security agencies in the State. The last time the disgraced REC was sighted in public, he was boarding a chartered private jet to God knows where. For a man who is supposedly under police surveillance with a presidential directive for his arrest, tracking his whereabouts should be the easiest thing if the police are not working under some strange political influences which expects them to shield their corrupt and criminal minded colleagues.

The decision of the Police authorities in Abuja to redeploy Mohammed Barde to IMO even with the outcry trailing his actions in Adamawa gives credence to the suspicion by some people that the Buhari administration has excised Imo from federal authority and given Uzodimma, a product of the most controversial judicial wonder, to do as he bids. As badly tainted as the image of the police in Nigeria is, it is rare to see the Force continually ignore the numerous evidence based complaints against its officer and still retain him or her in their posts.

Policing cannot be effective without public trust, and there is no confusion about the fact that the Imo public sees the Police Force under Barde as a mere militant outfit under the control of Hope Uzodimma, and who do not have any regard for law and order. Unless the NPF have concluded that Imo State is an autonomous region excluded from the laws and processes guiding the Nigerian nation, then, Mohammed Barde, an indicted electoral and one whom prima facie evidence links to the committal of a treasonable offence should still be retained as the police boss in that State.

Uzodimma’s political interest must not outweigh the safety and security of over five million Imo people nor should it be of more paramount consideration than the image of the Nigerian Police Force. Barde’s impunity makes the Nigerian Police Force a laughing stock of all Police Forces in the world and it makes the NPF no better than a rogue private militia who works according to the command of a highly discredited and rejected public official.

It is sad that Imo State has become a tasting ground for all manners of illegality and atrocious acts by the State against the people. From the Gulak fraud, to the Supreme Court wonder, to all manner of extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrests and mindless corruption. Our persecutors might think that they can keep us in chains forever, but it is only a matter of time before the people get tired of their chains and dare the guns and the missiles to get their freedom.




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