S’East Governors, Leaders Are Political Gangster, Real Enemies of Ndigbo- Ohanaeze Youth


The Ohanaeze youth Council, OYC, has insisted that one of the 2023 New Year’s resolutions of the youths should be to get rid of the South-East Governors, alleging that the latter are the real enemies of Ndigbo are the South-East and not the Hausa/Fulani as insinuated.

The Apex Socio-cultural youth organization of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, OYC, described the Senators, Federal House Representatives members, State House of Assembly members, Ministers and other political office holders from the South-east region as the authentic enemies of Ndigbo.

The National President of the Council, Comrd. Igboayaka O Igboayaka, in a press release, titled ‘ Revealing The Real Igbo Enemies’ and made available to the Media, alleged that 75% of the victimisation and marginalization meted out to Ndigbo is instigated by the latter’s representatives both at State and federal level.

Comrade Igboayaka lamented that none of the political leaders from the region had been able to query the Federal government on this deliberate marginalization and Injustice, as perceived to be evident in the abrupt abortion of the railway project in the region.

The release read in detail:

“The cancellation of SouthEast railway project, happened quietly yet no Governor, Senator, Federal House Representatives members, State House of Assembly members, Ministers from South-east and other political office has questioned the Federal government on this deliberate marginalization and injustice.

“Unfortunately, South-East Governors, Senators, Federal House Representatives members, State House of Assembly members, Ministers from South-East and other political office holders in South-East are political looters and criminal minded people who care only for their pockets.

“Ndigbo have bunch of political sons and daughters who hang in Abuja looking for contract to enrich themselves.

“These political cartels in South-East have regrettably, made it possible for uninformed Igbo youths to believe that Hausa/Fulani or Nigeria are the only people marginalizing Ndigbo, but the primitive accumulative of wealth by Igbo politicians has proven that the real enemies of Ndigbo are politicians from South-East.

“The Governors from South-East over the years has been embezzling the Local Government’s allocations with impunity; these clique of disgruntled political elements, has converted public funds into their private pause, majority of properties own by Ndigbo abroad are own by Igbo politicians, they all have properties and businesses in Europe.

“It’s quiet unspeakable that we have Common criminals at sit of power who blow sirens here and there, good for nothing men and women that specialized in converting public funds into their personnel account.

“With the extant political and economic backwardness, Insecurity ravaging the South-East, Ndigbo must, therefore, learn and begin to compel these common criminals we have in South-East to account for the funds and appointments given to them by federal government for Ndigbo. We must desist from getting antagonistic with Hausa/Fulani or federal government on that we have been deprived of.

Over the years, we had men and women of questionable characters, notorious fraudulent (419), individuals and up until this moment, there’s still a recurrent recruitment of yahoo boys into State House of Assembly. These men are parading at corridors of Power, only to confiscate the fortune of Ndigbo to satisfy their selfish desires.

“At the spate of insecurity and crisis between federal government of Nigeria and Ipob in South-East since 7 years the so called Leaders have kept mute.

With the report of Int’l Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law (Inter-Society) on 13th May 2022 over 40 Igbo communities attacked by Soldiers/Ebube Agu Militias, 400 civilian homes razed down. Yes going by this report security forces/Jihadist killed 1400 defenseless Igbo civilians, abducted/arrested over 4800 Igbo youths, over 1000 Youths disappeared, with over 8000 internally displaced”

The local and international Igbo business people at Aba, Nnewi, Umuahia, Owerri, Orlu, Okigwe, Onitsha, Ihiala, Enugu, Abakiliki, Southeast have lost over 200b

The roll call of death in SouthEast through extrajudicial killings, bandits/Fulani and criminal gangsters that are ravaging the region. All we have are sit-tight Governors, Senators, Reps, political and all manner of political profiteers who have not proffer a solution neither putting an action to solve the problems, but they kept mute, standing akimbo with disdain watching in lack of empathy on the killings of over 4000 Igbo Youths.

“Igbo youth must wake up in this 2023 to search for possible replacement for these political gangsters, looters and economic vampires that have raped Ala-Igbo since 1999 of the new democratic dispensation. The simple new year resolution by Igbo youth should be to retire these political gangster whose only achievement was to armed the youths to fight themselves and their political enemies.

Igbo Youths and other misguided youths must realize that carrying arms to terrorize others is a simple way to continue to be in chains and doesn’t translate or guarantee freedom.

“The youth must carry out a mob action in order to eradicate these unrepentant hoodlums in AlaIgbo. This is the only way forward to reclaim Ala-Igbo from her political oppressors, cannibals and vampires”, Igboayaka concluded.



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