Win Niger State for Atiku first, Group mocks Babangida Aliyu


The Northern Youths Movement (NYM) has told the former Governor ofNiger State, Dr Babangida Aliyu, to concentrate on winning Niger Statefor the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2023 presidentialelection, rather than going about boasting that the PDP Presidentialcandidate, Atiku Abubakar will win Rivers State in the election.According to a release issued in Abuja on Wednesday, and signed by itsChairman, Mallam Ishaya Jato, the  NYM said empty assurance by thelikes of Dr Babangida Aliyu was the reason Atiku is carrying on as ifhe had already won the presidential election.The group said rather than relying on votes from Rivers State andother South South States, Babangida Aliyu should strive to deliverNiger State to his party, PDP, for the first time since 2011.The NYM, which described as a notorious fact the abysmal performanceof the PDP in Niger State since 2011, pointed out that even with DrBabangida Aliyu as sitting Governor, PDP lost woefully in the State in2011 and 2015.For record purpose, in the 2011 presidential election, PDP lost  NigerState with over 300,000 votes while the party lost with over 500,000votes in 2015.In 2011 when Babangida Aliyu was Governor of Niger State, PDP had321,429 votes as against Congress for Progressive Change’s 652,574.Still with him as governor in 2015, PDP had 149,222 votes while APC had657,678.In 2019, with Atiku on the ballot as PDP candidate, APC won with394,319 votes. PDP had 218,052 votes while APC had 612,371.With results of the presidential elections in 2011, 2015 and 2019highlighted above, where is the moral standing of the likes ofBabangida Aliyu that are giving Atiku false confidence rather thantelling him the truth so that he can buckle up and work hard to beable to win?It is therefore our plea that people like Babangida Aliyu should leaveAtiku alone and let him act in a manner that will show to Nigeriansthat he is willing to win the election, not just to be on the ballotand as usual, run to Dubai after the election.


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