247Ureporters hereby retracts her publication made on 13th May, 2022 with the title:

“How Obiano’s former aide, Primus Odili stole over N200 Billion from Anambra coffers, purchased properties in UAE, London.”

The entire publication, references and innuendoes given out therein are false and baseless. Similarly, the content of the publication is offensive, wrong and contains information that have been found to be incorrect and false as revealed by thorough investigation. Chief Primus Odili did not collect kickback of N200 Billion (Two Hundred Billion Naira) or any amount as bribe or gratification from any contractor in Anambra State. We have also confirmed that most of the projects executed have not been paid for, and that many contractors are still being owed contrary to the false publication.

The publication in paragraph 6 falsely stated that ‘‘Primus Odili is considered within informed circles, as one of the most corrupt political aides in the history of democratic Nigeria. In 8 years as political aide to Obiano, it is established he stole over N200 Billion going by conservative measures’’

This allegation is false and baseless; and is therefore retracted.

The article equally falsely stated in paragraph 10 that as the man Friday to Chief Obiano, “…Primus Odili was quick to grab the bull by the horns. He became the unofficial bribe collector for the governors… Primus would approach each contract signing process with a demand for 25% of the total contract value to be paid into a specified bank account. He would give the impression it was for the governor. The entire road contracts executed during the 4year period was mere exercise of money laundering and/or transfer from one government treasury into unknown private accounts, explained the source. The construction of the roads at Aguleriuno/ Aguleriolu at an estimated cost of N 25 Billion presents a classic example. Primus Odili presented two bank accounts from zenith and UBA where the Sum of N 6,250,000,000.00 (N 6.25 Billion) was paid into in multiple batches. Some of the major roads project executed by the Obiano administration on which the following – Onunda/Achalaroad, Adaziani Road, Nta – Nawgu Road, Nimo/Abagana Road, Ohioghoha Road In Ihial, Umuabuchi Road In Uli, Osumohu Road, Jerome Udoji Road Oozubule, Ezirawmaomaku, Achina Road, St. Peter University/Onumeh, Isuofia Road.

In addition to the kickbacks collected from the road project, Primus Odili collected the sum of N1,770,000,000.00 (N1.77 Billion) from Obiano’s community choose your project initiative for each of the one hundred and seventy communities in Anambra state.

As has become customary, Primus Odili played a figurative role in the process and execution of the initiative. He was the key player behind the scene whom all the commodities and advisers to the governor deferred to believing he was the eye and ears of the governor.”

These allegations are baseless, unfounded and false; and very regrettable. Consequently, they are hereby retracted.

The publication was equally false and unfounded in paragraph 13 where it stated that: “Similar to the road projects, Primus Odili imposes 25% kickback on each community through the contractors. Without resistance, the 25% of the entire contract sum was paid as demanded. It was deposited into the bank account supplied by Primus Odili. The ‘Community Choose Your Project’ initiative, which was conducted twice – meaning each community received 2 projects at the monetary value of N 7,080,000,000.00 (N 7.08 Billion) for all the communities of which only N 5,310,000,000.00 (N 5.31 Billion) was spent on the actual pick a project initiative – while the remainder of N 1.77 Billion was siphoned.”

For being false and misleading, we do hereby retract this allegation.

The article falsely alleged further that “Primus Odili’s escapades of kickback stretch to other initiatives of the Obiano administration specifically, the ‘Operation Light up Anambra’ ” as reported in paragraph 14 of the publication.

This allegation has been found to be untrue; and it is hereby retracted with apology.

In the same vein, we retract the false allegation made in paragraph 15 of the publication to the effect that Primus Odili arranged for the purchase and supply of the diesel required to power street lights after heavy lobbying to take the tasks, and that he submitted exorbitant invoices for diesel and that the fund for the purchase of diesel was directly given to him throughout his service. This is not true.

The offensive publication further alleged falsely that Chief Odili amassed significant wealth through fraudulent activities and engaged in luxurious acquisitions. It went further to falsely allege that Primus Odili made a warp purchase of a palatial home at 1804 Terrabrooke Private Court, Brentwood, Tennessee, in the sum of $ 1,818,718 and that the house was purchased under the name of Maureen Odili and Primus Odili.

The publication equally falsely alleged in paragraph 16 that Chief Primus Odili used his name to purchase a commercial property and private luxurious home at an upscale location in London, UK at the sum of $3 Million equivalent to N1.5 Billion just as it falsely alleged in paragraph 17 that Odili also bought a home in Dubai.

This is yet another unfounded, false and baseless allegation made against Chief Primus Odili, and it is hereby retracted.

Finally, we hereby retract the false allegation made in the publication in its last paragraph to the effect that Primus Odili evaded prosecution in the USA due to the intervention of The Igbo Union – ASA-USA.

We have since discovered that these allegations were false, unfounded and baseless and we regret whatever embarrassment it might cause Chief Odili.

We therefore retract them in their entirety, with unreserved apology.

© 247Ureporters



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