FCT: Cultist Brutally Rapes Waitress At Gunpoint, Police Arrests Culprit

Patrick Odeh

The sleepy community of Angwan Seriki Orozo in the Federal Capital Territory [FCT], Abuja was struck by the early morning news of rape and beating by a notorious cultist leader, Patrick Odeh of a waitress at a local garden/bar.

According to the information made available by sources within the police officers who arrested the cultist on the early morning hours of January 13, 2022, Patrick Odeh who is a resident of Orozo community crashed into a local bar/garden located at Angwan Seriki Orozo by the name 247 Garden. He gained illegal access into the bar at about 1am armed with a gun. While inside the facility, he pounced on one of the waitresses – who were sleeping over inside one of the rooms at the facility.

At gunpoint, Patrick surrendered one of the workers – aged 21years old who had just started working at the facility a week ago. She hails from Ogbomosho LGA in Oyo State. He then began to beat and rape her repeatedly till 4am. Patrick threatened the girl to not report to the authorities or to anyone. He told her he will kill her if she does talk to anyone about what he did to her. From the bar, Patrick walked over to his house located next door.

But the girl, in tears, mustered courage to inform her brother of what transpired. The brother was quick to alert the police at Karshi divisional police office located about a few kilometers away. The police team were quick to respond. They swooped on the rapist at his home while he was still asleep. [See photograph below].

Patrick at his house sleeping moments before the arrest…

He was arrested without altercation and taken to the police station where he is presently held in custody. Patrick Odeh is aged 41years old and hails from Cross River State.

The rape victim was taken to Karshi General Hospital where she is receiving medical treatment. The DPO of Karshi police station acknowledged to 247ureports.com that Patrick Odeh was arrested for rape and that a locally made gun was found at his home along with bullets. The Police Public Relations Officer [PPRO] for the FCT, DSP Josephine Adeh also confirmed the arrest and added that the police are currently investigating case.

Background check on Patrick Odeh reveals that he is a notorious criminal that has been terrorizing the Orozo community for years. He is reported to be the leader of a blood thirsty cult group in Orozo. He took over leadership of the group early last year following the death of the previous leader who was killed in a gang battle in Orozo.  Sources from the community claim the cultist group have been responsible for the spat of armed robberies within and around the community.



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