Who Can Tell Mr President Nigerians groan as Cost of Living bites? – By Abba Dukawa


It is clear this is not the country our founding fathers dreamt of. this is not the country any Nigerian can proud of. We have witnessed a systematic decline in everything we once held dear and took for granted. You will agree with me we are not where we should be as a nation.

Than General Muhammadu Buhari on the decay of infrastructure and social value in Nigeria made the statement in 2012.

Who Can Tell Mr President cost of living in the country is unbearable that more than 2/3 Nigerians are below the poverty line in the past 71 months. The corrective Administration” came to power through change mantra on May 29, 2015. Nigerians welcome the change mantra administration with unprecedented enthusiasm hoping for progressive change for better. In spite slow pace action of the administration on the matters affecting country well being but no administrations in the country enjoyed citizens goodwill like the present administration believing the successor administrations bastardize all available opportunities to made the country great.

Six years down the line the adminstration still characterised with insecurity, banditry, kidnapping, economic challenges and other untold hardships. it has become clear that the change is not forthcoming to the expectations of Nigerians. Instead of progressive transformation still daily survival has become an uphill challenges as the peoples are languishing in extreme hardship. What people are going through in the country is reaching the highest apogee since the late 80s. All these were happening under a “Corrective Administration”

So to speaks always history repeats itself but Prof Barbara Tuchmann of Harvard University, USA arguing that history does not repeat itself; man does. Considering the ways things happens in the country This clearly resonated with Barbara’s view that History has already recorded that In 1984, faces similar challenges with inflation reached unprecedented heights.

There are varied views on the cost of living in the country experience by citizens other blaming government for doing nothing to control the damaged cause by heartless action of good sellers in hiking commodities’ prices at their will because the administration officials do not know where the shoe pinches since they live in comfort zone despite the costs of goods are expensive for the common man to afford.

I wonder why in the 21st Century till Nigerians are talking about daily survival which in normal circumstances there is no any reason for Nigerians to talk about food considering the country arable land which suite any type of farming. Nowadays Ghanaian, Nigeriens, Togolese, Ivorian, Burkinabe and Beninese has passed the level of hunger and can afford three meals per day. Nobody has yet told the President, then he must hear this still Nigerians are crying of food prices beyond of their affordability.

Who can tell the truth to authority that even those opportune one (workers) things are very tough considering the meagre nature of the minimum wage talks less of millions peoples out work their common food staples like garri, beans are now beyond their reach. Feeding in Nigeria today is not easy as food, which is a basic need, has become a luxury. Prices of foodstuffs are now triple the prices they were before and they increase daily without control.

To be fair the problems are two ways round contributes to this catastrophic stage. Government officials are not seeing the danger or intentionally distorts the reality either on self survival or just to be sweets mouths to the number one but in simple term deceiving number one and heartless action of commodities’ sellers at hiking prices by at their will.

Commodities seller’s are architects of these artificial essential commodities prices increments on daily basis disproportionately and it’s seem current commodities hike cause by their selfish interest. They are not consider almost 2/3 of the populations are in serious financial turmoil as result of their unfortunate behaviours of creating artificial inflation which reaching unprecedented heights; in spite citizens purchasing power declined precipitously.

Recently, I had bitter experience with reality that these commodities sellers are really monsters that behind all these hardship peoples are going through. Why the inflation is raise disproportionate in the country and it is as result of essential commodities sellers blindly lust for wealth without the recourse of what they actions might cause to generality of Nigerians. This lust for wealth portraying them as really monsters. Why they are nothing but monsters because they enjoying causing hunger to millions homes across the country and for those that opportune to afford the goods at exorbitant price feels the pains. in spite rising inflation taking its toll on families, but Nigeria’s inflation rate contradicts global trend of inflations from Europe, US, Asia and Africans proved contradiction to global trend of inflation.

Who can tell the President truth, the whole truth, there are no signs that the problems Nigerians are facing will abate very soon. There is so much confusion in the mind of citizens. There is no clear policy on how to tackle the forex crisis, rising unemployment, epileptic power supply, sliding economy, poverty and hunger ravaging the nation. Just as some critics put it, this administration has no economic direction. Even the so-called diversification programme is just by word of mouth. There is need for the administration to reduce the level of poverty in the country and it should mitigate the effects of inflation. However, With worsening insecurity, alarming unemployment, with absence of proven economic drivers, many Nigerians, though with vast and varied opinions, seem to agree that getting on with their daily lives has been pretty difficult, and indeed the country is teetering dangerously on the edge of the abyss.

On part of the administration had genuine intention to restructure thee nation’s agricultural sector , but It seem the policies were not being implemented with a human face because the administration not feel for Nigerians in this kind of abject unfold hardship. There is Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations warned that Nigeria is on a looming acute food crisis.

Last We Forget

International Monetary Fund (IMF) expert suggests that demand for deposits in Nigerian commercial banks may reduce due to the introduction of eNaira. currency’s heavy reliance on digital technology warrants the need to adequately manage cyber security and operational risks associated with the digital currency. IMF report further explained that eNaira wallets might effectively function, as a deposit at the central bank, resulting in a decline in the demand for deposits in commercial banks. There is need for the administration for thorough scrutiny national monetary implementation, in order to rejuvenate the economy and save it from total collapse.

Dukawa wrote in from Kano



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