President Buhari, You Are Not Helping Matters


Your unrepentant stance towards your past errors that have led to the increased intensity in insecurity around and across the country is the problem we are facing as people living in Nigeria. Not bandits, or herdsmen, or Unknown Gun Men, or police, or Army, or even corrupt politicians in your cabinet. 

You are the problem. 

Your Refusal to consider restructuring or cancelation of the current military constitution, we are using, only worsens the problem being faced by the people living in Nigeria. 

You may have to be reminded that you remain a democratically elected president, not a dictator. The voices from the country you govern have been calling for restructuring, from all regions including the “95%”, wailing in pain, stretching out in pain for succor which only you as the elected president can bring. Yet you seat and do nothing. You seat inside air-conditioned office sipping on your fura de nunu. Having your laughs. 

This is while you scornfully brag of war, and language of starvation and death. The common man who voted for you when the price of one mudu of beans was N280 is forced to buy the same mudu of beans for N900. And, you still seat doing nothing. Sipping your fura de nunu. Having your laughs. Inside air-conditioned offices. 

Mr. President, the people living in Nigeria are suffering and dying unnecessary.

You are not helping matters.

Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe

Nanka, Anambra



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