Late Night Outing For Cows in Maitama, Abuja


The infestation of banditry and lawlessness of herdsmen have reached unbearable crescendo in the recent weeks judging by the emboldened manner they roam the sensitive areas of the country without care or regards to the existing laws of the region.

It took the pristine community by shock when three preteens were seen leading a horde of cow along the streets of Maitama near the MTN headquarters not too far from one of the premier international hotels in Nigeria, the Transcorp Hotel.

Puzzling is the area has little vegetation or forest area except flowers and plants planted intentionally for beautification purposes. But the three preteens strolled through the pristine area with the cows that numbered an estimated 45. As the cows moved, they munched on the plants planted alongside the homes and offices. The preteens did nothing to stop the cows from feasting on the flowers. And the passer-by were apprehensive.

The time was 8pm. It was night grazing in Maitama. The day was Tuesday February 9, 2021.



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