Open Letter To Hon. Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi (Wakilin Birnin Bauchi) – By Sulaiman Maijama’a


Special regards, with respect, modesty and sense of humility to the Rt. Hon. Member representing Bauchi Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi (Wakilin Birni). Let me, in order not to give you wrong impression, make it clear that, my letter is not, in anyway, politically motivated as I don’t belong to any political party. Besides, my future and the future of yet unborn generation, so much dependent on your representation is more expensive than the whole world’s politics. It’s obvious, therefore, that this letter is born out of curiosity and concern to actualise good representation. Forgive me for any inconveniences it may cause.

Honourable sir, almost two years down the line, since you scaled election and took an oath to represent us  at the lower chamber but, we the constituents seem not to be recognized beyond the election day. Reports indicate that, so far, you have not moved a single motion, neither have you contributed to a debate during plenary, even at House committee level. At the onset, we thought it was because you were a neophyte but, your counterpart, Hon. Mansur Manu Soro, representing Ganjuwa/Darazo is also a neophyte but, not only performing well but also is among the most vibrant members in the House. According my findings, young Mansur, within one year_ from June 2019 to June 2020 was abled to present Seven Bills, despite being his first time in the House. This excuse, therefore, can no longer be reliable.

I don’t want to believe with people ascribing your lack of performance to lack of language. This is because as someone from communication discipline, I believe Communication is not about blowing complicated vocabularies or twisting voice to convey excellence. Once the message is understood, the purpose is served and communication is effectively taking place. Hon. sir, your colleague, Hon. Muhammad Gudaji Kazaure from Jigawa State is well recognized and celebrated for ensuring good representation to his people, despite lack of good command of English Language but, nobody can dare say he is not communicating; grammar is something different. If truly language is the reason behind, there is no cause for alarm, the needs of your people for which you were elected are more valuable than the English you are afraid of, and mind you, Muhammad Kazaure is satisfying his people. Emulate him, please!

Perhaps it’s because you are having a difficulty in conceiving ideas or when conceived, streamlining them for presentation on the floor of the House. There is nothing to worry about, no body is a monopoly of knowledge; this brings about appointing legislative aides who will be serving as a think tank, brainstorming on issues that are connected to the existence of your constituents. This is necessary, because the needs of your people are too many and the daunting tasks are too heavy to be handled by you alone. According what I have at my disposal, so far, you have been working single-handedly, which I think has no prospect of having things succeed. Only by surrounding yourself with people full of ideas, you can easily hit the ground running, outgrow your colleagues and get to the top.

Hon. half the time is almost gone but, you still have time to rethink and restrategize your style representation with a view to changing the narrative. If this happens, you are welcome; to us shall be a glad tidings and to you history will be fair. Election is coming and as it has been with Bauchi people we can’t be predicted;  but we are observing.

My best wishes!

Maijama’a is one of your constituents in Bauchi, writes from Faculty of Communication, BUK.



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