Leadership Crisis Rock IPOB As Kanu, Deputy Clash


By Okey Maduforo Awka

The Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB is currently in leadership crisis following the suspension of it’s Deputy Director Mr Uche Okafor Mefor under the directives of it’s leader Nnamdi Kanu last week.

The Directorates of IPOB led by Mr Chike Edoziem had on the directive of Kanu announced the suspension of Mr Uche Okafor Mefor a development that also led to the counter suspension of Edoziem and other directors by Mefor the Deputy leader to Kanu.

According to a release signed by Mefor it stated that the junior directors of IPOB who were recruited by him ( Mefor) and Nnamdi Kanu have no right what so ever to suspended him.

Mefor also recalled how he and Kanu jointly registered the body and were signatories to the registration of the organization adding that he became the deputy leader while Kanu became the leader.

He noted that at several occasions he had disagreed with the style Kanu adopted in the struggle for Biafran independent noting that due to kanu’s style a lot of young men and women have lost their lives without any plans to compensate the relatives of the dead members.

In the light of the above I the Deputy Leader of this organization wish to make the following pronouncements .

Deputy leader’s office is intact and 

 this act is a display of desperation  and the only reason on the part of this malicious campaign.

It is sad to note that subscribers of IPOB worldwide announced the resolution where the office Deputy leader of IPOB has been purportedly abolished. 

Let it be on record that I was not appointed as a Deputy Leader and    it is warthy of note that the office of the Deputy Director/Deputy Leader was a natural or default position to me as one of the directors of IPOB as in respect of the UK company’s House records when it was registered. 

At present myself and Nnamdi Kanu are jointly and severally responsible for the activities of the office be it known that my  patience and humble nature must not be taken for granted.

Furthermore, Mr Edoziem and others are appointees and we unanimously agreed to create the office of the Directorate of States. 

Consequently, I have come to the inescapable conclusion to suspend Mr Chike Edoziem and all others at the Directorate of states of IPOB until further notice.

I have also  communicated the  notice of emergency meeting of Board of Directors of IPOB worldwide where the actions and inactions of those at the directorate and other matters relating to our movement  will be discussed extensively .  

As Mr Edoziem rightly admitted in his memo, I disagree with certain broadcast of Nnamdi Kanu on radio and  I  also disagree with certain assertions on radio that is either irrelevant or not in line with our aims and objectives and or otherwise inaccurate.

A case in point is whether Buhari is dead or alive which is  irrelevant to our quest for freedom or suffering of our people in Biafraland.

  Are we trying to exonerate Mr Buhari as per Hitler example?  There is absolutely no doubt however that Buhari or whoever that is in Aso rock have been committing crime against humanity between October 2015 till date but  our focus ought to be how to make him answer for these crimes rather than trying to make him Nazi styled hero.

Secondly, reactionary broadcast could easily be misinterpreted and  It’s  important you appear on radio with a well written script and  I choose not to be part of broadcast where threats are issued and so on.

 My stance in this regard have saved the movement on several occasions as it gives a different picture to the global community.

Additionally, the Biafra we are seeking to restore is going to be without a shadow of doubt a secular society.

 The public denial that he never said that Biafra will be a Jewish state that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is pursuing a theocratic Jewish state of Biafra is an afterthought because his interview in Israel tells it all.

 He had continued to exhibit that conduct of disrespect for the people of other faith until the recent outcry that made him to make a reluctant political statement that Biafra will be a SECULAR State which is not enough.

 Even in Israel, people of other faith co-exist among themselves, why the obsession for that pronouncement?

How do you expect me to be happy when my comrade in the struggle bluntly refused to heed to wise counsel ? 

I am no doubt a Christian, a proud Catholic for that matter. Let it be on record that no amount of intimidation or harassment will persuade me to think otherwise.

The people of Biafra are a people faith and their freedom of conscience, belief and of religion must be respected.

Let me reaffirm my resolve to stick to non violence, non partisan  mission statement  of IPOB worldwide , any individual or group regardless of his or her position against our documented  aims and objectives  is  advised to resign , and or  form  another organisation for himself, family  and cronies.

Without fear of  contradiction that Mr Edoziem and cohorts  without known good acted ultra vires and is it not odd  that an  appendage of Directors is making a decision  that affects the  functions of one of the director ?

The Biafra restoration project is on course but we must not go into armed struggle. because the massacre of our people in Obigbo, Ebonyi, Enugu, Abia last month cannot not be forgotten and our brothers who are injured must be taken care of not abandoned.;  he said.



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