Ndigbo, Remain In Lagos, Arm Yourselves For Defense – By Nwadike

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My attention has been brought to a viral video by one Adeyinka Grandson of an audio Yoruba Youths For Freedom whatever. The now internet commander is ordering the Igbo People residing in Lagos to leave Lagos within 48 hours or face speedy elimination.

While we were aware from beginning that even if all Igbos kept aware from the protests in Lagos just exactly the way they did, they would still be  made the scapegoats, we are nonetheless prepared to bear this cross which has unfortunately become our destiny.

In all areas where Igbos reside in Lagos, our people resisted the temptations and pressures to join in the protest. It was not that we were not aware of the truism in the agitation; it was not that we forgot that we as Igbos have remained the worst victims of police and security agents’ brutality in the country.

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Many Igbos simply kept off because we have learnt from history. We suspected that the protest maybe deliberate ploit strategically designed to attack and loot us. So, from Alaba to Ladipo, to Mushin, etc, our people kept off and rather chose to protect our businesses.

We obeyed all government’s orders to stay indoors. We ensured that our people remained law abiding. We provided security to protect government facilities as well as our businesses. We got satisfied that we remained good citizens of Nigeria and humble “tenants” among our host Yoruba communities.

But even with all this, our haters are still after us. A protest designed by Nigerian youths; killings carried out as seen in videos by Nigerian Army and violence orchestrated by sponsored “hoodlums” with some videos now emanating showing most of them supplied by Government officials, have now all been termed “Igbo”  projects. Once again, our people are set to be sacrificed on the alter of national hatred.

Up till this day, destructions of public and private properties are still ongoing in some parts of this country, including here in the South-East. Cars at Igbo car stands in Abuja are being burnt by hoodlums. Perhaps, Igbo car dealers are the ones burning their own cars. Perhaps the Yorubas are the ones burning properties in the South-East. We have shouldered these losses without pointing accusing fingers at any body. Even the Yoruba Seer (Prophet T.B. Joshua) who accurately predicted this protest never Igbos as masterminds.

But let it be known that enough is enough. We cannot continue to be made scapegoats at every general or national problem of this country. We are not going to be intimidated to hurriedly leave Lagos under 48 hours as threatened by that “grandson” of a Yoruba.

Our people have long enjoyed cordial relationships with the Yoruba real and direct sons. We have both inter-married and inter related in businesses and all the rest. We have helped developed their lands and they have directly and indirectly appreciated us. For certain, grandsons have no power or full authorities where real/direct sons exist.

While we shall continue to keep this threat from this lazy and over-milked and excessive toothed coward vibrating on the internet as one of those various scratches upon the rock, we shall not going to fail to do all legitimate needfuls to protect ourselves and our people from hungry Crocs and grandsons like Adeyinka Grandson.

I hereby call on all Igbos residing in all parts of Lagos State to form caucuses of shield wherever you are. Get yourselves legitimately armed to protect every external attacks from anyone attacking you. Every form of defence you can raise is permissible before any form of danger.

Do not panic into leaving Lagos when you can’t, even though it’s my humble wish that all Igbos leave their Lagos and invest in our region. But you see this threat from that boy (Adeyinka) in the UK, please stay put and resolute. Let him come with his gangs of ndi ihu abuo. If they near, please lecture them that *Ogbunigwe* was not just an explosive implement used during the war. Teach them the new dance steps of the _Surugede_.

From Monday as his ultimatum expires, I write to you brethren, especially, _Umu Boi_ to make sure you walk in groups and be vigilant. Get prepared to defend yourselves as Nigerians and Children of the most High God. Invoke ye all, the spirits of _onye aghala nwanne ya_. Tell all maggots on your way that _oke anaghi eri ihe onye mu anya_ _Mgbe a muru dike n’mba, ka a muru ibe ya_! Enough is enough!

This is my plea to you!





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