Corruption allegations against Bauchi Gov Mischievous, blatant lies – BACAFCI


From Ahmad SAKA, Bauchi

The Bauchi State Coalition Against Financial Crimes and Injustice (BACAFCI) has explained that all allegations of corruption against the Bauchi State Governor Senator Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir by his Political enemies are mischievous, blatant lies ,false , malicious allegations .

The National Chairman of BACAFCI Mallam Bibi Dogo stated this today Sunday while answering questions from newsmen in Bauchi on his reaction  to the recent petition allegedly filed by alleged  stake holders from Bauchi State where they accused Governor Bala with corrupt allegations and mal administration in the State which was published in some mediums, He said we have received a copy of the petition and our organization studied all the allegations but found nothing in it but blatant lies with the sole aim to bring the government the government into political debate because they were envy of his track records and successes.


Dogo who brought dozens of documents in defense of Governor Bala said the anti graft group BACAFCI cleared Bala on all the allegations after they studied the petitions file by alleged stakeholders before the Economic Financial Crime Commission EFCC.

Bibi Dogo said the allegations of obtaining loan and Purchased 3.5bn official vehicles to the Political office holders , He said the Government followed due process in the award of the contract because it was approved by the State House of Assembly through House resolution via a letter sent to the government signed by the clerk of the House Umar Yusuf Gital with reference number BASHA/POL/S/13/VOL.XIX/203 dated 17/July/2019 and it was awarded to an indigene of the State after it followed all the scrutiny and certificate of no objection was issued  to the company before it was awarded the contract and all cars were supplied and put to use by the beneficiaries in the best interest of the State.

He said the allegations that said Governor Bala was a director in one of the company that Bauchi Government patronized it is not true because the Governor resigned his position in the company on 1st May 2019, he was not a Governor at that time because he didnt take the oath of office, it was confirmed through Corporate Affairs Commission CAC form no 51180 on the particulars of Directors.

Chairman said the allegations of awarding road contracts, Building Palaces, Workshops , assistance to pilgrims, supply of School Uniforms to out of School children, children meals  by the government , are all genuine projects  that everyone with sincere mind can see where a person need clarification he can go to the relevant government agency to confirm and verify . the issue of School Uniform and meals for out of school children the contract for the supplied of uniforms was awarded to the indigenes of the State after following due process and the uniforms was supplied it was a project to reduce the number of out of School children, while the Workshop was carried out in the best interest of the state at minimal cost.

Even the issue of ghost workers it was Governor Bala who held a public hearing with all stake holders on the issue and is working hard to bring sanity to the system to free some resources and employe more people in to the state Civil Service.

He said the petitioners were either ignorance of How the government operate or out of hatred malice and envy the just decided to paint the governor black due to the number pf physical projects he is executing that develop the state.

Bibi Dogo said many of the allegations are not directly link to the Governor but some Civil Servants whom the petitioners didn’t care to accused them but they are accusing a Governor that is making effort to rebuild the State through the provision of genuine infrastructures.

He advised them to always cross check their facts and offer only constructive criticisms not blatant lies.


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