“We Will Stop Nigeria Election In Biafra Territory If WAEC Is Cancelled” – Biafran Transitional Govt



Rising from The Biafran Transitional Government meeting yesterday in Nsukka province of defunct Enugu state as spearheaded by BNG; the Biafran Supreme Military Council of Administration has resolved as follows:

That former high ranked Nigerian military personnel, General Innocent Orji being the founder of Biafran National Guard has been expelled from BNG with immediate effect. We urge every adjutant in the 30 provinces of Biafra to rightly communicate every personnel of the Biafran National Guard. His expulsion followed due process and BNG would welcome his appeal should he feel unjustly expelled.

General Innocent Orji was expelled as a result of his unruly attitude and demoralized dispositions; the continued detention of his wife for fourteen years and counting has taken the better of him and his attention focused on the case hence he refused to abide by the ethics of BNG. Going further; General Innocent Orji has refused to engage in activities of BNG and Biafra at large; choosing to focus on his life and that of his family, we wish him all the best.

Biafran National Guard’s Transitional Government continues to be overseen by the council’s approved leadership as agreed by the ‘full house’ of the Biafran Supreme Military Council of Administration on 30th May 2018. All adjutants are advised to maintain the status quo while all personnel continue to remain disciplined. All adjutants must continue to transit this government to the best of their knowledge without fear or favour.

That BNG shall stop Nigerian elections in all the provinces of Biafra should the occupational government of Nigeria deny the enslaved children of Biafra access to West African Examination Council set for this year.

That BNG sees it as deliberate effort to hurt Biafran children that have taken education as the only route to a stable life. COVID19 cannot rightly be a reason for cancelling WAEC when election is billed to be conducted in Edo, Ondo and Anambra where all the state population is expected to take part.

That if election can hold; WAEC can rightly hold; it is easier to hold WAEC than hold election going by the COVID-19 pretext. If WAEC is cancelled; election should also be cancelled but should the government defiantly go on with the election, BNG will do everything within her military power to stop and enforce cancellation of the election.

Occupational government of Nigeria is hereby warned to desist from systematic killing of education system because it profits Biafran children. It is common knowledge that Biafran students have always dominated in the application for entrance and external examinations and they always lead in the best ten results of these examinations. BNG has never issued a warning without implementing it and records are there to prove it.

BNG is filled with immeasurable bitterness and it would be in the best interest of everyone and the occupational government of Nigeria to abide by the orders of BNG and follow instructions as reeled out.

Finally; the Biafran Supreme Military Council of Administration hereby orders all the adjutants in the defunct Anambra state to start putting all machineries in place towards stopping all elections in Biafran territory, starting with Anambra state.

This order was declassified to avoid excuses from any provincial adjutant; and all adjutants must submit weekly preparation report to ensure overwhelming success should the occupational government of Nigeria fail to abide by our orders.

Any provincial adjutant that waste undue time or fail to prepare convincingly shall be demoted with immediate effect. Weekly submitted report shall be the basis of ratings.


Colonel Nsikak Akpan

Spokesman for BNG



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