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The Rough & Tumble Politics Of Sadism, Avarice And Elf In Tiv Elite: Michael Kaase Aondoakaa In Context – By Citizen John Akevi



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Tiv nation has overtime kept an unreasonable tolerance on some of its certain elements whose sole intention of pilling misery on the people have become intolerable, with an unfortunate victim also becoming complicit in their maltreatment overtime; an almost amorphous victim usually lacking the courage to challenge their oppressors and tormentors. The appalling lack and collapse of private enterprises with a deliberate broken network of successful and productive individuals of Tiv stock today accounts largely to why this certain elite class particularly have unfortunately played the sadistic conspiracy that has tended to completely stifle growth and development in Benue State.

These self-seeking circle of elite who usually are railed in pitiable antecedents, consistent failure, sheer incompetence, mendacity and sadism only believe that to keep afloat and continue basking in their imagined relevance, they must  a better deal for the growth and development of across Benue State.

Indeed, this consciously conceived notes will at least for moral postulations attempt to put into focus the caustic excesses of an effete, corrupt and morally debased element who have continued to burden Tiv nation with some subtle nefarious acts entirely injurious to the Tiv nation’s  collective good. Lest many a Tiv followership will remain entirely complicit in docility in the usual conspiracy of silence.

In recent times, a Former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Chief Michael Kaase Aondoakaa, and a Dave Iorhemba , a former Speaker ,  Benue State House of Assembly, both Tiv men from Benue State, have risen more to some avaricious, selfish, fatalistic and sadistic agenda to pull-down a few of Benue’s finest leadership assets without recourse to considering the consequences and extent of destruction on the Benue’s economic and political space.

Aondoakaa, it is revealed has began a vicious release of necessary malevolence arsenals against his fellow Kinsman  and Former MD, Nigerian Export and Import Bank (NEXIM) Mr Robert Orya solely on dubious intent to ensure a complete rob off of the Benue Hotels Management currently under the latter’s management and control.

Robert Orya is a former MD, NEXIM Bank. Prior to his assumption of office as MD NEXIM, he would practically make a remarkable turnaround of the near-moribund Bank, almost on the verge of collapse with a profile of  huge debt  , and much losses. But a shrewd insightful Orya full of capacity began utilizing his vision, expertise, managerial capacities and with a mystique rand brought the Bank’s operations and successes back to life to the admiration of many while he lasted in the saddle for 6 years beginning from June, 2009. Orya’s first year strategic plan was anchored primarily on – Strategy, Risk Management, Processes, Operations, Financial Performance and the People. In his first year, the Bank recorded considerable profits. Dividends were made and paid and NEXIM was positioned to an internationally recognized status. He entrenched a motivated and productive workforce, with records non to beat.

While he held sway, he employed not less than 15 Benue indigenes with atleast two of them rising to become Assistant General Managers (AGMs). As a progressively minded personality, Orya also brought in Barr Dave Iorhemba on board, ensured his law firm was registered as a requisite to get him enlisted as a partner with the NEXIM Bank. Upon Orya’s exit at NEXIM, the new Management led by Abba Bello began to carry out a total hunt on Tiv personnel at NEXIM retrenching them in what can best be described as an ‘ethnic cleansing Agenda’ against a perceived minority tribe. Bello had earlier served as Accounts Officer under the watch of Kaase Aondoakaa as Minister of Justice. A relationship that has kept blossoming as long as clamping down Tiv people who mostly were employed by Robert Orya mattered.

In recognition of Robert Orya’s flourishing exploits, he was later crowned and elected President G-EXIM with countries of the South America, Asia , Middle East and Africa as members headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Little wonder the Senate Committee had unanimously described the visionary Orya as ‘God sent to Nigeria at NEXIM’ when his visions of transformation became glaring.

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But  Robert Orya’s sins today in the bizarre thoughts on of the likes of Michael Aondoakaa and his co-sadist traveler, Dave Iorhemba, is the excellence and quick successes with which he had turned around the Benue Hotels under his watch. Dave Iorhemha,  a former Speaker at the Benue State House of Assembly, who himself was disgraced out of office in a matter of months and his  inglorious days as the PDP Acting National Legal Adviser are pointers to while he may choose the unpopular quest for sadism. The current grouse of both Aondoakaa and Iorhemba is just the manner in which their fierce perceived enemy and perhaps their gladiator, Mr Orya has made significant transformation of the hitherto moribund Benue Hotels and brought same to a standard  3 star Hotel of International reckoning with non to beat at least in the entire Northern Nigeria. In the jejune mindset of these villains, an Orya who came, saw and got approval from the Benue State Government during the reins of former Governor Gabriel Suswam in 2011 would never be allowed continue his revolutionary agenda and make a turning point with reassured successes and patronages, cultivating pool of resources to achieve and record resounding gains, making Benue Hotels a foremost tourist attraction of global reckoning. No! He must not be seen to succeed again having achieved same productive exploits at NEXIM, and now intends to replicate same feat at the Benue Hotels? No! In their demented thoughts it must be allowed to happen!

These sadists want a total deconstruction and pull down of the flourishing ideas behind the new Benue Hotels under an Orya even if their ignoble actions would mean the receiving victim in the end is Benue State entirely.

Thus Aondoakaa and his fellow Iorhemba have shamelessly connived with the current MD, NEXIM under Alhaji Bello to call for Roberts Orya’s head on a platter alluding to some phony claims to have acquired a mandate for a foreclosure and eventual take over of the Benue Hotel under the Orya’s control . They have spuriously alleged that the current management of Benue Hotels had in the past  obtained a loan facility from NEXIM Bank with a non performing status, doing so in outright ignorance and probably in a haste witch hunting quest. In their hasty evil agenda, they have failed again to look at the straight records that there have been a consistently high performance rate with repayment plan progressively ongoing .

Accordingly both men have  fought tooth and nail and claimed to have obtained a ‘Debt recovery mandate’ from NEXIM which they claim has been  expectedly granted by the very Abba Bello. Although it is typical of every successor to spontaneously seek to tarnish surpass every predecessor’s records even unduly, Mr Bello would ensure to get a pound on the flesh of Orya. Now both Aondoakaa and Dave Iorhemba are now willing lackeys not just for Bello, but more to their evil machinations that Orya be tamed atleast to satisfy their self seeking ambition in the event of 2023. They so much dread the reality that Orya’s managerial  capacities and networking would no doubt form the sine-qua-non for measuring deeds and antecedents even in the event for Governorship . So he must be crushed!

Aondoaka, a known rotter along with his invertebrate like, Dave Iorhemba have shamelessly shown their preponderance to hate fellow Tiv elements rise progressively in the manner of Robert Orya. Isn’t it a known fact the family of Aondoakaa Ugbudu has made significant records, howbeit unpopular, to consciously pull down and keep molesting an assaulting fellow Tiv kinsmen, incautiously battering and insulting even the elderly on uncountable instances? Ordoo Aondoakaa, his closest sibling is a known bully and quite culpable and  notorious for these crude acts, most times assaulting and beating fellow Tiv Men old enough to be his parents, just to awaken  a Nebucadnezzer in the family line. One thinks and convincingly too, that perhaps this unruly public misdemeanors largely flow in the coterie of family line and consciously supported by the family’s benefactor, Michael Aondoakaa at all times. Unknown to them, however society has since grown far above this posture of subservience and dominance, a slave/master and grandstanding high handedness and crude ways.

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Little wonder, decency and strict moral conducts alluded the minds of these extremely  morally debased men who habitually keep in streams large company of women of easy virtues taking advantage of them in droves while dining and wallowing in alcohol unending just to message their overbloated ego and pride to give the reassurance that they are in control and call the shots politically like an untamed Oligarch. Sadly, they think by keeping politically afloat, others must be oppressed and suppressed, perhaps crushed and completely denied.

Isn’t it plain stupidity to subject any people to the evil machination of these few and allow them the benefit to pillage the future of Benue State and rob off its collective dream.

The Aondoakaas of today will keep seeing progressive minded elements as enemies or at least irritants that must never be tolerated. It does not in anyway matter if their noxious actions end up breaking the already fragile economic and social conditions with which Tiv nation has found itself across, the Nigerian state. The oppressor, the Aondoakaas of today must be stopped too! They have lost honour and self respect because they have chosen  path of dishonor over and above integrity. Their debased and sadistic ways stinks and must be scuffed at by every sane mind and men of goodwill. As failed apologists, their ventriloquism and shameful acts are only dictated by vindictiveness, bile, jealously, self seeking and undue vengefulness. Even the hack-minded casuists know their stock-in-trade. Now, these sadists must be forced to walk naked before the people’s jury, like the gold fish without a hiding place because their actions are despicable.

Need we stretch further to mention how Aondoakaa’s narcissistic acts when he was at the helm of the FG rice programme in Benue State? Expectedly, he worked tirelessly against every other interested rice farmer and entrepreneur; suppressed and pinned them to the wall just to become a monopoly and tiger of the said programme in the state. Such glaring avarice!

That the Tiv nation is today replete with numerous and uncontrollable instances of callous, insensitive, dominative and repressive intrigues by these set of sadists and mendacious elite who think that it is their birthright to dominate the political and economic privileges of the land to the exclusion of brave and productive minds is not in doubt and it’s time to put the story into public context atleast for sanity of society. Because it is mostly the reason for our backwardness and retrogression. Pull-him-down syndrome.

Against their ignoble intents, so long as a viable Benue asset like Benue Hotel continuous to flourish under a more viable management of Orya, it must be seen to be sustained. It is only moral and onus on us to speak out these deliberate evils and lay then bare. The Benue Hotels under Orya already has in his employ 174 motivated staff strength with 90% of such as Benue stock. These crop of personnel must not be out of job just because an Aondoakaa Or a Dave Iorhemba are out on a destructive mission, same way our very elite sold out Benue Cement to some strange capitalists in the time past.

Citizen John Akevi Writer, Critic & Public Commentator. Wrote From Central Business District, Abuja. Concerned

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