Nude Protest: Yes, it was staged. Head to Golgotha Misters Bigot and Sadist – By John Danfulani Ph.D


On 23rd July 2020, I hoisted photos of nude women protesting systematic genocide in Southern Kaduna. They staged their peaceful protest at the palace of ATYAP PARAMOUNT RULER in Zangon Kataf L.G.of Kaduna State.

The protest was plotted and executed in tandem with our rich cultural mores and values. In our pre-colonial history, when calamities of gargantuan magnitude descend—and end not insight, old and young women stage nude protest at the palace of king(s).

What transpired yesterday was a repeat of history. There was/is nothing new nor strange in it. There are salient spiritual dimensions to the protest: it’s for termination of internal conspiracies, and liquidation of satanic jinnis invoked by perpetrators. Nothing more, nothing less.

A survey of reactions demonstrated that some ignoramuses spewed incendiary comments on the nudity of our protesting mothers. They pillared their sentimental judgements on their religious beliefs. Astonishingly, they couldn’t even support their positions with cultural  mores or values. Again, and quite absurdly, they made no effort to cite constitutional provisos where protesting like that was outlawed.

These sadistic cum bigoted personas failed to understand that; Nigeria is no theocracy anchored on their religion. That also hold for numerous cyberspaces and social media platforms we displayed our photos and thoughts on.

These agents of backwardness and anachronism are also incapable of coming to terms with irrepressible reality that; it’s not every community that foreign religions wiped out their cultures and traditions. More, and most seriously, they don’t want to accept the fact that; it can’t be their way or highway in Nigeria. Hello no.

Extremely essential to note: it was a protest that was planned in line with our cultural mores…and wasn’t staged in the office of any political  leader or government house. Furthermore, it wasn’t staged in any Western or Middle East originated religion synagogue or shrine. It was executed at the palace of the custodian of our culture. Our traducers think we don’t know what we are doing?

I don’t blame elements that exhibited their opposition to our protest. I blame British imperialism that jammed people with different aspirations and perception of the world into a single political Babel called Nigeria. Without their unsolicited political matrimony, our lives would have been much easier and smoother than this. Incontrovertible Fact!

Give us a break. Enough of your hypocritical disposition.

John Danfulani Ph.D



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