World Environment Day: MOSOP Threaten to Withdraw Support for Ogoni Cleanup

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The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People MOSOP) wishes to register its dissatisfaction with the proposed environmental cleanup of Ogoni. MOSOP is deeply concerned that the Ogoni people at the moment are completely alienated from decisions taken in respect of the cleanup following the absence of representatives of MOSOP on the Governing Council and other management structures in HYPREP.

MOSOP notes that the absence of our representatives on the governing structures of HYPREP reinforces the lack of transparency in the operations of HYPREP and not acceptable to the Ogoni people.

We are outraged that the government through HYPREP will contemplate the execution of the cleanup project which is so passionate to us without considering the necessity of our involvement as an organization that championed the campaign for the implementation of the UNEP report in the first place and as a critical voice of the Ogoni people.

We note the decision of the government yesterday communicated through the minister of environment,  Mohammad Abubakar, highlighting the failures of the cleanup and will urge the government not to let us completely loose confidence in the exercise.

We note with disappointment that at 57 sites as claimed by the government, the much celebrated cleanup programme which has received up to $360million will be said to have created only 775 jobs and unable to provide water for the Ogoni people whose water drinking sources have been destroyed by years of pollution. It simply means that the programme is not yielding the desired results of engaging our youths in the exercise.

We further note that the absence of our representatives on the Governing Council and other management structures is hindering our involvement and frustrating our confidence in the cleanup programme.  It is pertinent that the people be involved in the implementation process, make inputs and provide checks.

MOSOP will not hesitate to completely withdraw its support for the cleanup project should the government continue its current faulty process without the involvement of the Ogoni people.


Alex Akori

Acting Secretary General


June 5, 2020


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