Ekiti APC youths chide Fayemi over non-appointment of LG supervisors, Say; “Our members are suffering”


Some youths in the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State,

under the auspices of Ekiti APC Youths Congress (EAYC), have described

the refusal of the State Governor,  Dr. Kayode Fayemi to allow

chairmen of the 16 Local Councils in the State to appoint supervisors

and advisers as a disservice to members of the party who laboured to

put him in office.

According to a press release issued on Monday, by the youths today,

and jointly signed by Mr. Tope Ogunkuade and Comrade Tunji Adeleye,

EAYC Convener and Secretary respectively, the youths said they were

miffed that statutory appointments of supervisors and advisers are yet

to be made more than five months after the Council Chairmen assumed


They said members and supporters of the party in the State are

suffering, noting that governance should not be for the privileged few

as being done by Governor Fayemi,  because his election was the

collective efforts of all members of the party, especially those at

the grassroots.

According to the youths,  Elected local government chairmen were sworn

in on January 1, 2020, this is June 1, 2020, appointment of

supervisors and advisers, that are statutory have not been made.

In local government administration,  supervisors are like

commissioners and in Ekiti,  each local council is entitled to five

supervisors and two advisers, making seven.

With Governor Fayemi’s refusal to allow the Council Chairmen to make

these appointments,  112 members of APC are being denied opportunity

to benefit directly from the party’s control of government in Ekiti

State and this is sad.

The statutory salary of a supervisor is close to N300,000 per month

and one can imagine what that would have done in the lives of 80

members of our party,  if they were not denied this opportunity by the


Also, these supervisors are entitled to Personal Assistants, making

another 80 that would have at least been getting something to sustain

themselves,  no matter how small.

2022 governorship election is drawing nearer, how do we win that

election if our members at the grassroots level are being treated with

contempt as being done by Governor Fayemi?

We wish to call on well-meaning stakeholders in the party to appeal to

Governor Fayemi to allow our council chairmen to make statutory

appointments, as well as appointment of other aides so that our

members, especially the youths can also enjoy the benefits of having

their  party in




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