Group accuses AIG Lamorde of obstructing investigations, wants him sanctioned for shielding alleged blackmailer

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A socio-political group, the Save The Nation Movement (STNM) has asked
the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu to investigate
the alleged obstruction and interference of investigation of an
alleged serial blackmailer by AIG Ibrahim Lamorde, saying Lamorde was
interfering with investigations and obstructing the discharge of a
lawful instrument of court.

Lamorde was was accused of doing this because of a personal interest
he had with a suspect, Blessing Ossom, thereby bringing to ridicule
the sterling reputation of the Nigerian Police and the critical office
he occupies.

According to a statement in Abuja today, by its National Coordinator,
Ahmed Abdullai and National Secretary, Mazi Steven O. Chilaka, STNM
said AIG Lamorde was disappointing those who had always thought he was
a great cop and an incorrigible crime fighter by compromising his
professional ethics to shelter a known blackmailer.

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The statement read; “About two weeks ago, a certain known blackmailer
and an inveterate social climber, Blessing Ossom made some exceedingly
wild and slanderous accusation against important citizens of Akwa Ibom

“She knew what she said was false and highly libelous, yet she went
ahead to cause to be published on her Facebook page, the deeply
slanderous materials against key persons in the State, with a view to
blackmailing them as usual.

“Legal procedures were put in process and she was ordered arrested.

“It was at this point that AIG Lamorde who is alleged to be her close
friend stepped in and blatantly obstructed investigations.

“Investigators that were sent to Abuja to get to the root of the case
were ordered out of Abuja on the instruction of Lamorde.

“The AIG has practically shielded Blessing Ossom and has been heard
boasting that no Jupiter can cause her (Ossom) to be arrested.

“We are therefore calling on the Inspector General of Police to
immediately call AIG Lamorde to order and ask him to allow proper
investigations to be conducted on the slanderous and libelous
accusation and blackmail the woman caused on the sterling reputation
of the people she had slandered.

“In an era where our dear President Buhari has made corruption in high
places a major element of his governing agenda, AIG Lamorde should not
cast a dark pall on the great work he President has been doing,” the
statement added.



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