Seventh Day Adventist says FG can end kidnapping and insurgency with more effort

By Luka Binniyat

KADUNA – The Seventh Day Adventist Church yesterday lamented the strain that Kidnapping and insurgency was bearing on Nigeria families, saying government was capable of solving the menace with a little more effort.

Speaking to the Press in Kaduna yesterday after its week-long celebration marking 100 Adventist Family Ministry  Life,  Pastor. Dr.  Yunana Musa Dangana, President, North West Nigerian Conference hailed Nigeria military who are risking their lives to secure Nigeria, saying the church was praying for them and their concerned families.

He said: “Today we are marking a world-wide activity and thanking God for giving us families.  We want to thank God for that graciousness. We are asking him for more blessings, for more protection and grace. It is just to thank God for being so nice to us,” he said.

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“There is an attack on families today from all sides. There is also insecurity facing families today,” said the Yunana of the 30 million strong church world-wide.

“There are families who have lost dear ones in the face of this insurgency. Husbands, wives, children and loved ones have died in all kinds of bomb blasts, kidnapping and all forms of insecurity in this country.  Even pastors and priests have not been left out. Some have been murdered in gruesome ways. And it’s not just happening to Christians, but cuts across all religions. People have been bomb and killed in mosques and some in their homes. So, insecurity is no longer a problem affecting one religion,” he noted.

“Today as we mark our centenary celebration of the family, on behalf of the Seventh Day Adventist, North West Conference, I want to thank Government for the effort put so far. But I want to plead that government should do more.

“Government is more powerful than this insecurity. Our government is capable enough. Our military and paramilitary have excelled in addressing issues of conflicts and insecurity in many African countries. So we know that our government is capable of doing same at home. Our Police force can tackle this insecurity. It is a matter of will. On our end, our only intervention is in prayers. Our intervention is to pray for the government.

“We are praying for the military too. They also have families. Some of them have left their families for six months, one year, and two years. They are there in the jungle; in the open fighting for this country, and their families are at home are very concern about them. These men who have committed their lives to secure this country also have emotions and needs. It is the duty of the church to pray for them. It is also the duty of government to provide them with their basic needs.

“And let me add: Nigeria can overcome this problem. Because our military and police are trained enough. We have the resources too. All that government needs is more commitment and motivation of our forces. And in the name of Jesus, we shall overcome this problem,” he said.


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