Still On The Ike Ekweremadu Saga: Igbo Politics Of Timidity & Whimpish Sycophancy


This distinguished Senator is a typical example of the new breed Igbo politician, permanently engaged in the politics of personal survival forty years after the Biafran genocide.

The first law of the politics of survival is to act more Nigerian than the owners of Nigeria, a case of being more Catholic than the Pope. For a mere slave role, they love their prison and zealously promote a system that puts their people down.

In politics of survival you act your patriotic role to please the master race, you dare not speak your mind, or you do so tongue in check.

In politics of survival you worship the Leviathan and smile before him when you are hurting for good reason; your survival is at his pleasure.

In politics of survival your eyes are fixed to the North from where all power comes, and if you must be ‘made President’, then you must watch on bended knees.

In politics of survival, you risk nothing and lose nothing, you don’t just look, you stare before you leap  for the very good reason that you are permanently caged and politically disadvantaged.

The present Igbo politicians are jolly good Nigerians, happy and hilarious with their slave assignments. This is very strange, considering the anger, rage and fury in Igbo land.

Living in a fool’s paradise, these Igbo politicians take for granted the feelings of their maligned people and play to the gallery of a decrepit and suffocating Union.

Can anyone imagine what Dim Emeka Ojukwu or Chief Sam Onunaka Mbakwe would be doing if they were to sit in the Nigerian Senate today? I am sure Mbakwe would embarrass that Senate with his tears for his people.

Who then are these so called Representatives who junket around the world, having their fun and cannot notice the deep pain in our hearts and the overflowing tears on our faces?

Who are these so called leaders who wine and dine with our killers and refuse to mention our dire predicament to them?

Ike Ekweremadu, the distinguished Senator representing Enugu state is the longest serving Igbo Senator. He has survived in the murky waters of Nigerian politics by playing to the rules of the politics of survival.

Enugu, his home state is besieged on all fronts by Fulani militants. Men, women and children, even Priests are being slaughtered on a daily basis. We are yet to hear our distinguished Senator speak with clarity on the matter.

We do not expect Ekweremadu to change Nigeria, but we expect him to voice out our anger and frustration in the enemy Senate.

Those who are blaming IPOB Germany for manhandling Ekweremadu are poor students of history. You do not persuade an angry people with patriotic rhetoric. Leaders who can not gauge the anger and fury in their land must be truly blind and not qualified to represent them.





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