The normally sleepy community of Orozo have been thrown into panic following the brutal murder of a local Christian man last night [July 17, 2019] along the Nyanya – Karshi road.

The brutal murder occurred immediately following the conclusion of the Nigeria vs Tunisa [AFCON 2019] football match at about 10pm.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim had approached his vehicle to open the door to his car when he was approached by three local Okada riders who engaged in a shouting match with the victim. As the victim ignored the three Okada boys – and proceeded to open the door to his vehicle, more Okada boys arrived and circled the victim. the victim asked the Okada operators what they wanted – and immediately they withdrew their daggers and began stabbing the victim violently. The stabbing was continuous until the victim collapsed to the ground.

While on the ground the Okada boys who were proclaiming “Allah is Great” proceeded to hold the victim by his legs and by his arms. They stretched him on the road as the remainder of the Okada boys rode their Okada motorcycles on top of the victim till the victim gave up the ghost.

When the Okada boys noticed the victim has died. They dragged his dead body to the other side of the road. They then withdrew petrol from the motorcycles and poured it on the dead body and lit the body on fire.

As the body burned, the Okada boys danced around the burning body in jubilation shouting “Allah is Great”.

The police arrived the about two hours after the incident after the killers had dispersed. The police did not want to comment on the killings officially. But they indicated that the killers were from the Okada operators at spot in Orozo community called Arab Junction along the Nyanya – Karshi road where Okada operators gather to find passengers. The police officer explained that many of similar incidents have been reported in the Arab Junction vicinity in the recent times.

The police officer who is a Muslim from one of the north central states indicated that of recent times, an increased proliferation of fanatic Muslims both of Fulani and Hausa origin – joined with criminal bandits have taken control of Arab Junction. “The police is aware but what can we do”.

It remains unclear the cause of the brital murder but it is understood the the victim may have been a strong and vocal member of the Christian community in Orozo. He has also been known to express his opinions on the proposed RUGA settlement initiative by the Buhari administration. He is not a stranger to the Hausa/Fulani community who were not comfortable with his criticisms of the initiative.

When approached the Fulani okada operators at the Arab Junction, they explained that the murdered man was a thief. They said he was killed because he was a known Okada thief. “We have been looking for him” said on Musa who was also still in jubilation over the kill. Other Okada operators collaboration the claim.

In the meantime, the Orozo community remains in panic. The Chief of the community arrived the scene of the incident today’s morning [8:50am] where the corpse was still lying on the road side. The Chief made no comments.

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