[Video] “Buhari Must Resign Immediately” – Sheikh Ahmed Gumi

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi
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Buhari is full of mistakes. He is a human being. We many in the north who can perform better than him” thundered the northern Muslim cleric who made his views on President Muhammadu Buhari public through a video recording.

The fiery cleric who has been vocal on the governance of the nation had been out spoken against the former president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan during the height of the Book Haram terrorist activities that resulted to near weekly detonations bombs in the many communities of the north – has continued to be unapologetic towards the activities of the President Buhari administration. He has remained vocal.

In his recent public address, he called the Buhari administration lazy and said they were sleeping and attending weddings while the citizens of the country were being killed by invaders. “More people are dying now than during the Jonathan administration” said the cleric as he reminded the audience that if he spoke out during that period then it was only Godly for him not to remain silent as the present killings are going on.

He called on the national newspapers – such as the “New Nigerian” – who published his outcry against the then President Jonathan to also publish his outcry against President Buhari. While commenting on President Jonathan, he reminded the northern Nigeria that President Jonathan built nine [9] universities in the north, built 150 almajiri schools and the present railway stations being enjoyed by everybody. “He did a lot for the north“.

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In the past, the fiery Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi stated that President Muhammadu had performed worse than the immediate past President, Goodluck Jonathan in every area. He said Buhari was just a common man and wondered why people seem to be afraid just because the President had a team of illiterate fanatical followers. Gumi said Buhari was a victim of ignorant, unemployed and senseless followership that stifle other politicians.

When you try to correct the president, they come out in their millions trying to abuse you. They don’t even counteract your points with knowledge. If you think abusing us will deter us, you are making a mistake. There is problem with and in the government. We have absolute failure in government. People are dying, things are not good. We cannot continue this way.”



  1. Ahmed Gumi and Sanusi are suffering from a dilemma often suffered by intelligent people who went through western and Islamic education.
    You cannot apply the expectations of an Islamic government on a drmocratically elected government that we have adopted. Any assessment of Buhari should be based on the Nigerian Constitution.
    Requirements for leadership in Islam are quite different from an elected leader in a civil society.
    Let’s find out the principles of democratic governance and establish our role as an Imam, Bishop, Voter, Emir or any group.


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