You Are A Bastard Lier – Coalition Slams Enugu APC Guber Candidate

Press Statement
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A frontline socio-political pressure group known as Enugu Youth Coalition has angrily reacted to the allegations by Senator Ayogu Eze Campaign Organisation claiming that the Enugu State Government is forcefully collecting the particulars on the Permanent Voters Card of civil servants, retirees, students and traders in the state and making it pre-condition for the payment of December salary in the state.
In a statement signed by the national coordinator of the coalition, Dr. Edwin Obune, the group said the allegation is not only false and frivolous but a figment of their imagination as well as the revelation of how they plan to rig the coming elections in the state.
We are not in a hurry to forget how the factional APC governorship candidate, Senator Ayogu Eze boasted of how he will use Federal might to conquer the state by-fire by-force in September this year.
Hence, the allegation raised by his campaign organisation is not only diversionary, but a calculated attempt to justify their plot to manipulate the electoral process in the coming general elections in the state.
The coalition asked if traders and students in the state are also on the payroll of the state government if submission of PVC becomes pre-condition for the payment of December salary?
We therefore urge the good people of the state to ignore the lies of the APC and remain resolute in their determination to re-elect the God-fearing Governor of the state, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Gburugburu).
We know why there are crying wolves where there is none.
They went and deceived Mr. President and the APC leadership, lying to them about their none existing popularity in the state and how they will deliver the state to Mr. President if given the governorship ticket of the party.
Therefore, in a bid to cover up their lies and prevent the president from finding out due to the unfolding political realities in the state, they are now raising false allegations to further hoodwink the president and the leadership of the party.
While we call on the Independent National Electoral Commision and the security organisations to remain neutral during the governorship elections in Enugu State, we urge the electorates in the state to remain eternally vigilant against any form electoral malfeasance next year.
Dr. Edwin Obune,
National Coordinator,
Enugu Youth Coalition


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