Order Of Election: UPP Urges National Assembly To Veto Electoral Bill

Press Release

Order Of Election: UPP Urges National Assembly To Veto Electoral Bill


The United Progressive Party (UPP) is disappointed and indeed dismayed

that President Buhari has defied all logic to decline assent to the

Electoral Bill remitted to him by the National Assembly mainly because

of his disagreement with the order of elections which put presidential

election last for the 2019 general elections and beyond.


His withholding assent to this bill smacks of fear of losing the 2019

Presidential Election as well as the fear of his party, the All

Progressives Congress (APC)  not benefitting from the bandwagon effect

of a possible early victory if the presidential election came first.


The order of election as contained in the electoral bill will not only

guarantee a sustained mass participation in the elections until the

presidential election is conducted. It will also ensure that

candidates of various political parties will win elections essentially

on their personal merit and the popularity of the manifesto of their

political parties which will be canvassed in the campaigns leading to

the elections.


If the APC and President Buhari were confident that the record of

their performance was impressive as they have often claimed, there

should be no reason why this fear should be expressed in the manner of

withholding assent to a bill that holds very strong promise to deepen

and develop our democracy.