Gov Bindow Preaches Love, Selfless Leadership in Kano

Gov Bindow Preaches Love, Selfless Leadership in Kano

Gov Bindow Preaches Love, Selfless Leadership in Kano

By Yakubu Salisu A, Kano

The Governor of Adamawa State Muhammad Jibrila Bindow has called on Nigerians to live in peace and harmony where ever they found themselves irrespective of religious and ethnic background.

Bindow made the call on Saturday in Kano during an inter-religious conference organized by Kano State government  which aimed at promoting understanding and tolerance among the adherent of the two major religions in the country.

Speaking at occasion which took place at the coronation hall government house Kano, Bindow stressed that it is high time Nigerians begin to love each other and put aside issues of religious differences between them for peace to reign.

” we are all created by one God and if he wishes to make us all Christians or Muslims he would have created all mankind as one but God didn’t do that, he made us male and women, Christians and Muslims. We must shun any form of teaching or sermons that would turn us against each other”

” we must emphasize those aspects and injunctions in our various religions that promote peaceful coexistence between us in order to have a stable society. Killing and hating each other in the name of religion must stop. Unlike my state where the population could be said to be 50-50 between the Muslim and Christians reverse is the case in Kano but anywhere one finds himself, one thing comes first; that we are humans and we are Nigerians”

The governor who stole the show with his deep words of wisdom, also tasks leaders at all levels to lead a selfless style of leadership bearing in mind that as a leader, you are called to serve and leadership must be seen as a privilege by those whom God has favored out of the millions in that state to be at the helm of affairs of the state.

He further stated that as a leader, one must distance his or herself from tribalism and religious differences and must take all as his own and govern them with fairness in all that concerns them.

” to me leadership is just a privilege and an opportunity. We must remember that we are not different from the people whom elected us into office as such, must work hard to meet up to their expectations by doing what is right. We must also remember that we would one day give account of what and how we made use of the opportunity given to us as leaders. We must do all we can to promote peaceful coexistence between our people” he said.

The conference drew prominent personalities from the two major religions, government officials and other stake holders who presented various papers on the need to live in peace with one another.

This is the second time the Ganduje administration is organizing such conference since it came into office with the aim of strengthening mutual understanding between the various ethnic groups in the state and their host community.



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