The Con Men Of God – By Charlyboy

The Con Men Of God – By Charlyboy

The Con Men Of God – By Charlyboy

O boy, Na wa oooo!

The way most Nigerians dey take carry matter for head dey crack my ribs. True true, I no lie when I say “Nigerians are the most Arrogantly Ignorant bunch of people.”

Many times I know say our Mumu no Get photocopy.

Just because I say many Naija pastors Na con men, come see reactions.

But, I send anybody?

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some genuine prophets out there, but most so-called Men of God are nothing but a con. Just like it is hard to find a real friend, a real lover, a real leader, and a real anything, it is also very hard to find a selfless man propagating the ethos of the enigma called God. In essence, not everyone who mention God truly knows God.

I remember when I was “in the world”

Charlyboy Willy Willy no start today oooo!!!!

In 1972, as a student of Holy Ghost college Owerri, in Imo State, I built and contrived a reputation of the strongest “Native Doctor” in Owerri. This my hustle no get part 2.

I made fake charms and prayed for Fellow students to pass their exams, many came to me, many carried my story to all nooks and crannies in Imo state. They swore that I was a spirit. I was the most feared in school, by the teachers and Principal not to mention the students.

Holy Ghost college in 1972/1973 won the Nigerian Secondary School Cup. I was the man behind our goal post, through my charms and invocation the ball always deviated, but the few times our opponent scored could always be explained away. The Mumu’s who paid me on behalf of the school, forgot we had the best players in Nigeria then. All sorts of unbelievable stories were rife about me. People ascribed to me all kinds of supernatural powers. Meeeen I was living off the ignorant Mumu’s around.

Long and short of this story, I made crazy money off this scam. I was the fucking richest student. I was feared, people swore I had develisih powers (some still do). They didn’t understand it was all a con game, and I was on top of my game.

If you like, call police, or curse me.

I would say most pastors, men of god at home or overseas are con artists in the sense of the tactics they use to influence their congregation. Once your thought process becomes irrational you’re easy to Con. Not to talk about the hopelessness and the uncertainty that abounds in our life and country today. It’s amazing, really, the amount of mental gymnastics and compartmentalising rational people need to do in their lives with this kinda uncertainty in our country, where best to turn to but religion. Our Opium.

Forget, most of these pastors are sociopaths who know religion is a easy gig for easy money. However, even the sincere ones get corrupted, and they love the praise of preaching what people want to hear.

Makachukwu, anybody wey stand up to claim say him hear the voice of God, say God talk to am, all dat kin yarn, just to make some cash, is DEFINITELY either a con artist or mentally ill. I have a hard time believing that anyone who truly believes in God would dare to put words in his mouth knowing what the Bible says about false prophets.

I know that my people are dying to believe in something especially if it’s magical, because we have the messiah complex. Somebody out there, will come sooner than later, to make all our problems disappear. Na so. That is why we are paralysed and corrupted by fear, we can’t even stand up to injustice. We are waiting for God to come rescue us. Dey der.

Pentecostalism has promoted miracles over hard work, materialism over spirituality.  Even if one goes into pastoring on a pure and innocent level, you can’t help but be corrupted by easy money when you sell hope and create enemies all over. It is a cool way to make a living and make decisions that bring in the cash.

Pentecostalism na modern-day commercial enterprise garnished in the cloak of religion with deception and exploitation as its foundation.

Their goal na the complete monetisation of people’s ignorance. It remains the only legally and politically accepted movement completely based upon systematic fraud, deception and cheating.

Fuck the con men of God,

Dem crooked theology is all for the Naira.

Na so AreaFada Talk.


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