The Spirit Of Barrister Barnabas And Abigail Igwe Hunting Tony Nwoye


The saying that the evils that men do lives with them is apt with what is happening today in my life and that of Tony Nwonye, a murderer from Anambra State. As at the time we committed the gruesome murder of Barrister Barnabas and pregnant Abigail Igwe in Onitsha with our ‘Ecomog Gang’ as we used to call it then, we never knew that peace have eluded us. We hid under the umbrellla of Bakassi Boys to kill Barrister Barnabas and Abigail Igwe and maim other oppositions in Anamnbra State with Tony Nwonye a the leader of the gang, little did we know that the law of Karma will visit us. Today, Tonye Nwonye and all of us hardly sleeps. We runs from one Church to the other for solutions to our troubled minds. I am dying of Cancer and so I need to open up so that God will receive my soul. Tony currently has cancer of the Scrotum. His two balls are bigger than overripe mangos.

I am Tony Nwonye’s right hand man when our gang terrorised Anambra State. I am angry because I felt used and today he has forgotten me. Tony Nwonye is sitting on a keg of gun powder because his devilish sins are in the open. I am Anagboso, one of the capon in his Ecomog Gang and I am angry and feels cheated by Tony. When we were terrorising Anambra State, he promised us heaven and earth and promised to always carry us along but today, he refuse to take care of my medical bills. I want the world to know what Tony Nwonye did to Anambra State. Tony Nwoye and Hon Chuma Nzeribe are the leaders of the ‘Ecomog Gang’ that murdered Barnabas Igwe and his heavily pregnant wife. I and Tony Nwonye were involved. He led the operation. He played a crucial role in the murder. We came in two cars and Tony Nwonye led our team who reported to Chuma Nzeribe. It was Tony who gave the order that we should run over the dead bodies with our vehicles to be sure that nothing will bring the couple back to life. He watched Barnabas convulsed for breathe and life. He made sure their hearts are out of their bodies before we left the scene.

The atrocities of Tony Nwonye in Anambra State were many and deadlier than the murder of the couple in Onitsha. Anambra State was set ablaze in 2004 and all the properties of the State were burnt down. Nothing was spared. This is the story. An emissary came to me at Asaba where I live on November 8th, 2004 and told me that Tonye Nwonye want me to mibilise and come to Awka with twenty ‘men’.  When we arrived, we met him with over thirty other youths all wearing black and some of the clothes with the sign of the number “7” boldly written at the back of their shirts. He told us our mission which is to turn Anambra to a war zone so that the Federal Government will declare a state of emergency in the state. He wanted Ngige out of office by all means. He told us that Ngige was eating alone after all our efforts to rig him into office as the  Governor of Anambra State.

At about 4 a.m on November 10, 2004 we left Choice Hotel and Ubatel where we were lodged and met other group around Amansea area and the operation started. We burnt every government building, ABS, Ikenga Hotel etc. In all this, the Nigeria police protected us as we continue our destruction. The Police told us that they are obeying ‘orders from above’. We were in Awka for four days and the mayhem lasted all of these four days. Everyday when we come back with Tonye Nwonye, he  will give us money for feeding and women. At the end of the successful operation, we were paid 30,000 Naira each. However, for Tony Nwonye, the price as the leader of the destruction team was bigger. He was made the factional State Chairman of PDP. This is the promotion Tony Nwonye got for kidnapping Ngige and burning down Anambra State 2004.

Ngige was kidnapped by Tony Nwonye using me and five other members of our Ecomog team. It was Tony Nwonye that started kidnapping in Anambra State. Ngige was lucky because Igwe Mbaukwu gave him a phone to reach out to the outside world. The plan was to kill him as soon as it is night and pour sulphuric acid on him so that his remains will never be found. This is the type of man Tony Nwonye is. In all this, he will pretend to be a good man. In many occasion, we will bring our victims to Tony and he will personally slaughter them. When he wanted to contest for the federal house in 2010, he has no money and he came to me and pleaded that I assist him to engage in kidnapping so that he will raise money to sponsor himself. The world should know today that the former Deputy Governor Dr. Nwike who was kidnapped and killed was masterminded by Tony Nwonye. Dr. Nwike refused to bring names of people that will bring money and he was brutally killed by Tony Nwonye. Other high profile kidnappings in Anambra State in 2010 was the handiwork of Tonye Nwonye because he was hunting for money with which to sponsor videohimself for federal house election.

I am saying all these because I have watatched events and have come to the conclusion that the world need to know who Tony Nwonye is. Apart from his cultist undergraduate life, he has sent so many lives to their early grave. He is a killer who kills with ease and derives pleasure watching his victim die slowly. He is a lunatic and a dangerous human being. The fate of the Legislators who challenge him in a party meeting in 2004 is well known. Two of them were killed. This was after Tony ordered that I and my boys beat them to submission.

Today Nwonye is trying desperately to cover yesterday but when I looked at the atrocities I committed with him, my mind refuse to rest. Such a killer as Tony is suppose to die. He is at the federal house today by accident after kidnapping the first son of his opponent in that election. He threatened the man from Anambra west to ‘submit’ in his local government or else his boy will die. The man has to remain inactive on election day because of fear for the life of his son, he lost in eight wards out of the ten wards in his local government. This was how Tony got to the Federal House. He is out again. Anambra State should watch out for kidnapping and robbery in the next few months because this is how Tony Nwonye raises funds for any election.

I call on security agencies to investigate Tony Nwonye. He has killed enough and should not be allowed to kill further.

Anagboso Igwe.



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