The Saudi Ambassador To The U.S. Welcomed Allowing Women To Drive

The Saudi Ambassador To The U.S. Welcomed Allowing Women To Drive

The Saudi Ambassador To The U.S. Welcomed Allowing Women To Drive

Saudi ambassador to Washington welcomed the positive decisions that King Salman has taken for lifting ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia.

Khalid Bin Salman said in an interview with Politico that Saudi Arabia needs to cut off its dependence on oil.

Saudi economy should be liberated from oil, he added, so we should seek new resources such as tourism and investment in the information technology sector and other sectors to boost our economy.

Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the U.S. expressed his satisfaction with King Salman’s recent decrees for granting women some freedom and stated that his father enjoys an unparalleled courage as such decisions call for unmatched decisiveness and courage.

The position of the Saudi woman should rise to the highest levels because she represents a Muslim woman and does not deserve to be left behind by the modern world, Khalid bin Salman continued.

Hoping that Saudi women would regain their status in the world, Saudi Amb. to the U.S. concluded, “I hope that Saudi women get rid of the laws carried out in our society over the past decades. Rules such as staying inside the house, male guardianship and the black tent that deprives women of being active in society. In today modern society, there is no longer a place for old traditions, and Saudi Arabia needs to adjust the Ulama’s viewpoints so that to prevent Extremism and move forward to the future.


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