British former PM Tony Blair emphasized that his country should pursue more precise policies on religious movements in the Middle East.

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Tony Blair said that the British government has faced a critical problem in the Middle East over the past two decades which is the influence of sharia and religion on governance of the countries. Iran is seeking to develop religious government among Muslims and beyond its borders. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is the second deep-seated uprising for the formation of a religious government that, with its transformation and disappearance, it was partially marginalized.

He added that we decided to prevent the expansion of political Islam by spreading Wahhabi ideology. Wahhabism is a radical and traditionalist thinking that has created a major challenge within Muslims, with a focus on internal religious cleansing and excommunication (Takfir).

Tony Blair also said that the British government is surely sensitive to some of the extreme Islamic movements like the Muslim Brotherhood who are involved in the formation of government and the rejection of non-Muslims.

BBC reported that the Henry Jackson Society said there was a “clear and growing link” between Islamist organizations in receipt of overseas funds, hate preachers and Jihadist groups promoting violence.`

However, UK Prime Minister Theresa May even holds back to a recent report that confirms Saudi Arabia is funding Islamic extremism in the UK fearing that it may damage relations with their ally. She is under pressure to release Saudi terror funding report in near future.