Restructure Nigeria: Or… – By Olowu Omotoyosi Samuel


Let nobody fool you, all the loud noises we hear today are nothing but the death groans of the dying system. The old order is passing away; the new order is coming into being. But whenever there is anything new there are new responsibilities.  As we think of this coming new world we must think of the challenge that we confront and the new responsibilities that stand before us. We must prepare to live in a new world (Martin Luther King Jr)

Things are never complicated as they seem. It is only arrogance that prompts us to find unnecessarily complicated answers to simple problems (Muhammad Yunus)

There are too many hanging issues that we can’t ignore in present day Nigeria, especially the socio political question Restructure. The call to restructure Nigeria has been on for decades. Different political groups, observers and prominent politicians most especially from the Southern, Western and Eastern parts of Nigeria have been the major voice championing for a restructured Nigeria.

In Present day Nigeria, things are not working, appointments are not spread among the major ethnic groups, the federal character principle are being ignored , Job recruitment are based majorly on nepotism, tribalism and favoritism majority of Nigeria so called states can’t survive without relying on the power for help. The circumstances that led to the Political schism in Yugoslavia were the heap of structural Problems that the various Policies of government then created. Indeed, the failure to address the national issues and problems ultimately created a violent atmosphere and virulent climate of Political Crises accompanied by Brutal campaign of what they termed ethnic cleansing.

The consequence of this was the macabre of bitter resentment, malevolence, chaos, rancor and wrong ethnic feelings that made Yugoslavia to Split and dissolve. Events of the last few days particularly the IPOB and MASSOB May 30th successful Sit at home order in the south eastern states   to commemorate the 50th years of the Bloody Biafra Civil War which led to the death and starvation of millions of Nigeria and the recent order from some Northern youth groups to the Igbo’s to quit the North on/or before October 1st 2017 has added more salt to injury to the unity of Nigeria.

The continuous existence of Nigeria as a nation remains a puzzle that needs to be solved. The present APC led government needs to drop its Ego and call for a referendum to determine if Nigerians are willing to remain as one sovereign, united and  indissoluble country. Nigeria is in an urgent need of a res-et, national re orientation and national redesign.

Majority of Nigerians are calling for Restructuring except those benefiting from the status quo. It’s advisable the APC led government heeds this call in order to achieve a just and egalitarian society where there will be no first, second or third class citizen. To save Nigeria from imminent disintegration, Restructuring is the way forward and if something urgent is not done; Nigeria is on the road to Yugoslavia.



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