Nigeria is Greater than Her Challenges – Obiano


The Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano has expressed great optimism on the future of Nigeria, saying that the country is greater than the present challenges that are weighing her down and will certainly rise above them all.

In a Special Democracy Day Message issued in Awka by James Eze, his Senior Special Assistant on Media, Governor Obiano observed that Nigeria’s challenges are essentially the usual challenges that all democratizing countries must overcome to claim their rightful place in the comity of progressive nations and as result should not be a source of concern or perplexity.

According to him; “Nigeria’s darkest moments are safely behind her. We have gone through the usual cycle of mutual suspicions between the component units, military interventions, unhealthy political rivalries, a shooting war and a titanic struggle for the soul of democracy. The good news is that we survived it all. We are still here today; united by our tortuous experiences and ready to build a better country. That is something to be proud of.”

Governor Obiano therefore expressed confidence that the current economic and socio-political challenges would go the way of previous challenges that had beset the country in the past.

“I have no doubt that Nigeria will surmount her numerous challenges. The history of every great nation is paved with long periods of self-doubt, extreme difficulties that make progress seem impossible and long years of sacrifice and meticulous planning. Nigeria’s story cannot be different. We are going through our own rite of passage. We shall come out of it a stronger, more united and prosperous country,” Governor Obiano enthused.

The Governor urged Ndi Anambra and fellow Nigerians not to lose hope in Nigeria because according to him, behind every cloud, there is a silver lining.



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