Killing of IPOB members:Group Challenges Igbo Elites


Igbo elites have  been urged to support the Indigenous Peoples  of Biafra (IPOB) in their agitation for a sovereign State of Biafra.

The Chairman of Igbo Youth Forum (IYF), Comrade Kenneth Emeh,  who made the call in an interview   warned Igbo elites of the dire consequences  of abandoning IPOB in the struggle.

He said that if they turn  their eyes the other way, while the  heavily lopsided Nigeria security forces continue to massacre the members of IPOB, when they finish them, it would be their turn

He lamented the recent unprovoked killings of IPOB in Asaba Delta State as well as other places which has been confirmed by the international human rights organisations such as the Amnesty International.

Angered Emeh said why Asaba killings by the blood thirsty Nigerian soldiers  was painful is that they were not even protesting but holding a meeting which the soldiers may not even have known the agenda.   He queried “is it a crime  in Nigeria  to hold a meeting. Don’t we have freedom of association and movement even in our own land? They have impoverished us economically, now they want to exterminate us. With what  happened in  Asaba,  Porthacourt,  Aba,  Onitsha and other places, they want to finish us”

Emeh was worried that the Hausa/Fulani elements living around  and within  us have become  informants about the movement  of their host, alleging that they  were one  who called the soldiers that massacred innocent t people who were meeting at Okwe in Asaba.  He decried a situation where some ethnic  groups now arrogate the ownership of this country to themselves  and called on the new Ohaneze Ndigbo President-General, Chief Nnia Nwodo and members of executive ,  to rise up to the ocassion.

Lamenting the continuous killings and injustices against Ndigbo in Nigeria, he said that nothing has been done to the Apo six killiers whose case is still pending in  court,  while most of them  have been allowed to escape.

The Igbo youth boss said it has become an open secret of the plots to eliminate  the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu by the Federal Government in concert with some foreign countries but they have continued to fail as they have failed before .

He said Nigeria has become like Sudan which used Janjaweeds to kill the Southern Sudan, here they use Fulani Herdsmen to kill their perceived political opponents. In the South Middle Belt and christian community  in  the North, saying that a recent report  confirmed that Government was arming Fulani herdsmen.

He said this has been confirmed by the kid glove treatment given to these criminals each time they engaged in massacring people.



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