Chike Obidigbo And The Fallacy Of Thought – By Emeka Ozumba

Chike Obidigbo

An interrogation of fallacies of thought and reason by scholars of Behavioral Science posits that often times, humans are prone to common errors in reasoning and argument. They assert that intelligent people are more than capable of holding irrational ideas that recruit subjective belief more than objective facts and evidence. In other words having qualifications and intelligence are no guarantee that one’s views are correct.

Dr. Chike Obidigbo a business man turned politician who joined the All Progressives Congress (APC) barely a year ago falls into this intelligence quotient when he reasoned that his thought and conviction are faith-accompli contrary to facts on ground. In a recent interview published in Daily Sun of December 30, 2016, Dr. Obidigbo claimed that “When my brother the current governor (Willie Obiano) came on board, he had no manifesto.” Obviously this statement was made in attempt to burnish his credentials since according to him “the only thing I know is that I can do better.” But the doctor lied. He it was who, alongside his cohorts, shut himself out of main-stream All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) when the current Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, emerged victorious at the 2013 APGA Primary elections.

It is understandable that as Anambra State get set for another gubernatorial election in 2017 many intending contenders have resorted to various forms of media publicity to announce their intention and plan to bolster their chances as choice candidates. But Dr. Obidigbo seems not to have learnt much about fallacy of assumptions and erroneous conclusions, more so when his deductions emanate from a warped sense of entitlement and ambition.

Gubernatorial aspirants know that one requirement for party or INEC Registration is the inclusion of an extract from a candidate’s Manifesto. Chief Willie Obiano’s “4-C of Development”- Continue, Complete, Commission, and Commence other projects was the central theme and thrust of his concise/well-oiled Elections Campaign. Obiano’s 4-C’s featured and was exhaustively discussed during the Gubernatorial Debates; it is also referenced and expounded in the Strategic Blueprint which drives the widely acknowledged successes of the administration.

 Although one cannot question Chief Obidigbo’s inalienable right to continue to contest the gubernatorial elections, I dare say, I am befuddled that a man who was busy funding a scheme to derail the determined match of the leadership of APGA and by extension a sitting governor until it was halted by a Supreme Court pronouncement in January 2016, is still fighting a lost war with blatant mis-information just to diminish the positives of an incumbent governor.

Perhaps Chief Obidigbo should be reminded that promises alone do not define the trajectory of a good leader, nor is it the only parameter for measurement of performance but rather a leader’s track record is evident in genuine commitment to the welfare of the people and fulfillment of programmes. Thankfully, Governor Obiano in the estimations of third-parties has fared well above average on that score in less than three years.

The stellar performance of Obiano is buttressed by several heartfelt testimonials from a cross-section of Ndi Anambra which are accentuated by awards conferred on him by credible organizations for exemplary performance in governance. The latest of the accolades are the Governor of the Year by Vanguard and Man of the Year by Silverbird. 

It is clear that no one is fooled by Chief Obidigbo’s attempt to dismiss Obiano’s giant strides; the impish ploy at appropriating the achievement of one APGA government over another on the altar of gubernatorial ambition cannot fly either. The facts remain that Anambra State has witnessed incremental progress since March 2014: a result of well-thought out programmes crafted in the Strategic Blueprint with economic engine hinged on 4-Pillars of Development which borders on maximizing Agricultural opportunities, Industrialization, Trade and Commerce and Oil and Gas implemented with fifteen economic Enablers as its wheels. These are what have successfully pushed Anambra State upfront as first choice investment destination and hub of industrialization and commercial activities.

Even the bogus denial of the prevailing regime of unparalleled security of lives and property in Anambra further exposes Dr. Chike Obidigbo as probably operating in an alien enclave different from the state he is aspiring to lead. Perhaps, the titled Chief was overawed by the massive demonstration of vote of confidence on Obiano by many who celebrated the Christmas and New Year holidays in their country homes for the first time in decades, not to mention others who are already heeding the call for Akuluo uno; all clear pointers that the aspirant may merely be playing the ostrich or might even have lost tune with the times.

Again one need not stress the gains of governor Obiano’s robust youth engagement and empowerment programmes with a feedback mechanism that has checkmated restiveness. Also Obiano’s leadership recognizes the need to promote intangibles that bolster people’s morale in the new Anambra. These are evidenced in symbols like the State Anthem and other brand collaterals which have inspired the can-do spirit in the citizenry. Above all, no one can wish away the by-products of social stability and coherence of Obiano’s programmes which created the business-friendly environment and the futuristic ambience the state currently revel in.  

Suffice to add that anyone sufficiently convinced that they have better things to offer Ndi Anambra must come to the party with clear proof rather than spurious claims. For Dr. Obidigbo and his co-travellers with ambition to supplant Obiano in the Anambra Government House come November, they are well-advised to come-up with a better pitch  



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