An Open Letter to Maazi John Nnia Nwodo (Barrister), New President of Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo


By IgboZaraIgbo, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.


Maazi John Nnia Nwodo (Barrister),

President, Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo,

Enugwu Headquarters,

Enugwu, Igboland.


Dear Maazi Nwodo,

IgboZaraIgbo is a non-profit organization registered in the United States that is committed to the realization of Igbo self-determination in all its ramifications in this 21st century, including the reestablishment of an Igbo State by the name of Biafra or any other name to stem the non-stop bastardization of Igbo values in the wasteland called Nigeria. You have received numerous messages of congratulations since your election that this letter joins. The organization you now head calls itself a pan-Igbo socio-cultural organization that we pray you do not take too seriously, given the weight of Igbo welfare entrusted to that organization. Nigeria is a country awash with ethnic and religious politics and there may be times when you will need to move away from the overly constrictive role the organization assigns itself to effectively promote and protect Igbo interests and human rights. As a starting point in that enlarged role, you may even have to change the name of your organization from Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo (Igbo masses and their rulers) to Ohabueze Ndi-Igbo (Igbo masses who embody their leaders).

We also fervently pray that all your engagements and strategies henceforth, whether short, medium, or long term, should revolve around redeeming Igbo people and restoring the ancient nations of Biafra that were, before the exploitative and artificially created but expired deadly geographically expressed entity called Nigeria. These and more are our wishes.

Time would tell whether the Igbo Nation under your care or the soon to be restored nation of Biafra State will immediately feel these changes, or stay the status quo – foolishly like the empty calabash in the middle of a fast moving stream, spotting a macabre dance, not knowing the running stream is taking it down to a mighty waterfall, to its unfortunate final destruction. IgboZaraIgbo has sounded these warnings to your predecessors in the past that they obviously did not heed.

Only a true Igbo Biafran patriot will rise above self-interest to peoples’ interests. Ohaneze under your leadership rests on a thin line to either make a big positive difference in Igboland or continue on the path of perdition. And you do not have forever to make that simple and fateful choice. Where will Igbo classify you?

The question has been asked by some, including our detractors regarding “what Igbo want.” We give you the answer here. The Igbo are a peace-loving people, who want a peaceful environment, also known as homeland, free of molestation, intimidations, killings, economic sabotage, envy, and hate by their neighbors, where they can display and implement their God-given talents, worship their God freely, and compete competently and favorably with the rest of the world. These goods, which do not exist and can never exist in the physical and ideational graveyard called Nigeria, in a nutshell, are what Igbo want and fervently yearn for.

What do Ndi-Igbo want under your leadership? Please permit us to provide the following short list:

  • Complete unification of all Igbo (Igbo unity, if you may) that overcomes or nullifies the Machiavellian decimation of Igbo territories and people dispersed into 14 states of the abomination called Nigeria.
  • Immediate harnessing and collaboration with new and emergent Igbo organizations to strategize a new way for Igbo in re-education Igbo minds on the importance of self-knowledge (ako na uche), being our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, and  charity beginning at home (onye aghala nwa nne ya) in unity, and development – forward ever, backward never.
  • Seek, discover, and reach out to Igbo sons and daughters now scattered all across the globe where they seek refuge from the genocide, economic strangulation, Nigerian meritless quota system,  and other nonstop persecutions of Igbo in Nigeria perpetrated by our oppressors. You must actively trace, invite, and use these sons and daughters of Igbo extraction flung all across the world for the imminent task of rebuilding and reshaping Igboland in this new century.
  • Immediately formulate and enforce, well-tailored disciplinary pushbacks, based on the Igbo way of life and values, against any Igbo son or daughter, by whatever name or office, whether so-called traditional servant-leaders, political leaders, business leaders, civil servants, etc., who, for out of personal greed and fleeting personal self-interest, work overtime to betray collective time-tested Igbo values.
  • Never before since the end of the genocidal war against our people, erroneously labeled “civil war,” have the Igbo spoken with one undivided voice regarding their rights to autonomy, separate and removed from Nigeria. Therefore, the organization under your leadership must, no dithering from any quarters, commit itself to the right of our people to self-determination, under International law, achieved peacefully through a referendum organized under the auspices of the United Nations and no other body. There is a time for everything under heaven, as the Holy Bible teaches. The status quo is unacceptable. Therefore, the time has passed when greed, betrayal of Igbo collective interests, and unholy fraternization with Igbo sworn haters, assuming there was ever a good time for these vices were the norm.

To conclude, IgboZaraIgbo, ones again, congratulate you and other elected officials of Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo on your new appointments and wish you all Godspeed. Although your tasks may seem herculean, if you stay on the side of Igbo tested values, handed to us by our ancestors, you will be blessed with a simple path already approved and anointed by Chi-Ukwu. Lastly, realize, on a note of importance, that Biafra was before the illegal Nigeria amalgamation of 1914 that has now, thank God, expired. Bear in mind too that the incompatible nations forced into the amalgamation never knew any peace since then, and will never know any peace until the abomination called Nigeria is dismantled into its component parts. Finally,  bear in mind that when Igbo Biafrans worked out for good from the killing field of Nigeria in 1967, they did not return to that ill-begotten entity, and never will, no matter how long the Nigerian military occupation of our homeland, now in its last stages, goes on.



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