Ohanaeze Ndigbo Response to Prince Richard Ozobu’s Claims



My attention has been drawn to a story credited to Prince Obiora Richard Ozobu on the forthcoming elections of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the eligibility of Chief John Nwodo to assume the position of Ohanaeze President-General, and  I wish to state as follows;

  1. That at no time was Prince Richard Ozobu elected or appointed into the leadership strata of the apex Igbo socio-cultural organization Ohanaeze Ndigbo. The erroneous information of his been a one-time Secretary-General should be corrected.


  1. That Richard Obiora Ozobu once served as the Special Assistant to Col. Joe Achuzia when the later was Secretary-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo between 2004 and 2007..


  1. That Prince Richard Ozobu did not step down for Nduka Eya in the 2008 Ohanaeze Ndigbo elections; he contested and was defeated by Chief Nduka Eya. It should be noted that Prince Richard Ozobu lost the election as a result of his unpopular roles in the crisis that engulfed Ohanaeze Ndigbo during the Iruku/ Achuzia era as regards theconstitution amendments.


  1. That Prince Richard Ozobu did not concede to his defeat at the November 29th 2008 elections, as he closed down the secretariat of Ohanaeze Ndigbo at Park Avenue GRA Enugu, until the then governor of Enugu State Mr, Sullivan Chime ordered him to hand over the facility to the Uwechue-led leadership.


  1. That though the elections that brought in the Igariwey leadership had challenges , Ndigbo have resolved our issues through appropriate internal mechanism.


  1. That as a short-changed contestant in the January 13th 2013 elections that saw to the emergence of Prince Garry Enwo-Igariwey, I am a veritable stakeholder and one of those who pushed for the constitution of the reconciliation committee headed by Sen. Ben Obi.


  1. That I was denied the position of Publicity Secretary because of the highhanddeness of the former President-General late Amb. Ralph Uwechue in connivance with some actors in the present National Executive Committee.


  1. That the elections slated for 12th of January 2017 is in order, as the tenure of the Igariwey administration comes to an end on the 13th of January 2017.


  1. That Ohanaeze Ndigbo has only one Electoral Committee, and that is headed by the respected Prof. Anya O. Anya while former Health Minister Prof. ABC Nwosu is the Secretary.


  1. That I wish to candidly advise Prince Richard Ozobu to immediately desist from the futile exercise of trying to scuttle the stability of the Igbo race, through the instrumentality of the laughable group that goes by the name Igbo Elders. Members of that body should as a matter of urgency join hand with progressive Igbo elders to work for the good of Ohanaeze. Ndigbo.


  1. That the purported Electoral Committee set up by the Prince Ozobu scribed Igbo Elders Forum should seize from parading themselves and dissolved. Enough of this show of shame, where Ndigbo are used as canon fodders for the political machinations of forces outside Igboland.


  1. On the issue of the eligibility of Chief John Nnia Nwodo, Prince Ozobu erred as it of common knowledge that the Nwodos: Okwy and Nnia have been near regular participants in the affairs of Ohanaeze.


  1. Furthermore by virtue of the impeccability of his personality.Ndigbo across board are already celebrating the nomination of the former information minister and are eagerly awaiting his assumption of office at a time his experience, person and charisma will benefit the Igbo nation most.


Odozi Nwodozi

President: Ohanaeze  Ndigbo FCT Chapter.



  1. the clunky english in this write-up makes nonsense of ndigbo’s claim to be the leading luminaries of education in nigeria. ndigbo have always been a problem to themselves. they are too greedy and too selfish.


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