In New Move, PDP Ask Markarfi To Resign, Sherrif Gains Ground


Information reaching indicate that all may not be well with the head of the supposed caretaker committee of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] in the person of Ahmed Makarfi. This is a competent revealed that the top members of the main opposition party have turned their backs on the caretaker committee chairman and have taken sides with the former governor of Borno State, Ali Modu Sherrif to continue to steer the ship of the party.

In what appears a turnabout shift by the movers and shakers of the party, the caretaker chairman who had been at loggerheads with the Sherrif faction of the PDP over the forward – has been asked to step down from the seat of Chairman as part of the conditions for reaching peace with the Sherrif faction of the party.

According to our source, the top decision makers of the party took an about-turn on their defense of the Ahmed Makarfi led caretaker committee and decided to lay their support behind the Sherrif led faction of the party. The top decision makers of the party were reported as having lost confidence in Ahmed Makarfi over what they believe to be his insincerity of purpose. “They not trust him anymore because it looks like he is having other agendas away from the agenda originally adopted by the people that brought him to head the committee.”

Originally, the party had sided with the Makarfi led caretaker committee to pilot the party till the date of the convention where an elected Chairman of the party would emerge along with the national executive members. But with the emergence of Ali Modu Sherrif as a reluctant partner in the agreements reached with the party, the convention date became elusive. Sherrif was to serve out the remaining time left in the tenure of the former national chairman [Muazu] – and then step down for a nationally elected chairman. Along the way, he became a reluctant partner, and reneged on the agreement.

His reluctance to leave the staple led to the formation of what appears two factions in the party.

However our source explained that the party chieftains have decided on going with Sherrif instead of Makarfi. The party has adopted to asked the both of Sherrif and Makarfi to step down – according to Sherrif’s demands. The Sherrif executive committee would then oversee the transition to the next phase. According to Sherrif’s demands, Makarfi with recommend six members to the new exco and Sherrif would recommend six members to the new exco. The 12 member team would then become the new exco.

Our source added that the PDP had told Makarfi that he need not resist the request and/or order to step down because the PDP constitution does not recognize the idea of caretaker committee. They told that the caretaker committee was in effect illegal. The PDP constitution did not make provisions for caretakers to manage the affairs of the party. It rather placed heavy emphasis on the need for an election executive and an elected chairman.

With this new development, the Sherrif team appear ready to consolidate on their power over the party. It is expected for the Makarfi team to put up more resistance in the coming weeks.

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